Raiding Dungeons With Crypto Raiders

Go on an adventure with your pixelated Raiders to defeat monsters and gain valuable loot from dungeons.

Dungeon Raiding

Crypto Raiders, a dungeon crawler PlayAndEarn adventure project built on the Polygon network, is an RNG-RPG game with a classic turn-based gameplay and JRPG feel.

Raiders are purchased from OpenSea before embarking on an adventure. Players can raid seven free dungeons a week but can raid more by purchasing dungeon keys with their native currency. Raiders gain experience and level up by completing dungeons, defeating monsters, and taking home loot from their adventure.

Navigating through the dungeon is entirely automatic until the raider meets the boss at the end of the dungeon. Based on the equipped skills and items, the player will then strategize the best way to defeat the enemy. Items are available for purchase or craftable to aid the raiders in battle.


The unique feature of this game is that the bosses are also NFTs that the player can own. Owners of Boss NFTs earn by defeating raiders in endless battle mode and get items that are equipped on the defeated raider. Players can also engage in PvP battles through tournaments, which showcase rare items and high-level raiders. Recruiting events are set by the team for new raiders to be minted into the ecosystem.

Check out the Crypto Raiders website for more details.

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