Radio Caca Set to Boost NFT Marketplace and Build Out Metaverse

NFT Marketplace will become the one-stop-shop for everything NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

NFT Game Changer

Radio Caca has released three different roadmaps to spell out the next steps for its Non-fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace, Crypto Metaverse, and its play-to-earn (P2E) game, Metamon. 

The significant and immediate change coming is the NFT Marketplace. Radio Caca is building an NFT Marketplace to support all the NFTs a user owns across Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The group looks to build the OpenSea equivalency of Ethereum on BSC.

“All of the NFTs on BSC will be shown when you connect your BSC wallet with RACA NFT Marketplace. It does not matter if you bought your NFT from,,,, Dodo, etc. — our NFT Marketplace will show all of your BSC NFTs,” reads the official Medium announcement from September 29.

Binance Smart Chain has lagged behind the NFT development on Ethereum, and Radio Caca may be developing the platform to compete with OpenSea. An OpenSea equivalent on BSC would be a game-changer for NFTs. The Raca NFT marketplace is also going to support ERC-1155 tokens, something even does not do. 


The NFT marketplace is already live, and the major upgrades are expected within the next week. For a complete view of the RACA NFT Marketplace, check out the Medium post.

Radio Caca also just released an airdrop of its $RACA tokens, equivalent to $40,000 USD. The airdrop with CoinMarketCap and will coincide with the BSC GameFi Expo II Event. The airdrop is live and will end on October 12.

Metaverse and P2E

The other two roadmaps gave insight into timelines from Radio Caca’s P2E game. The beta version will be released in the coming days by the beginning of October. The full version is slated for launch in quarter four of this year.

The metaverse roadmap is a bit more ambitious and further in scope. The team has a long-term goal of gaining mainstream success by 2035. In the preceding decade, the team will look to build out its mainnet, centered around its USMchain layer-2 solution. 

The next year––2022–– will be full of important steps to Radio Caca’s long-term goals. There will be essential integrations and critical building blocks to help get the platform geared for growth. Radio Caca’s team is ready for the challenge.

Check out all three roadmaps here.

What is Radio Caca:

Radio Caca combines several trendy fields in DeFi, NFTs, and play-to-earn games in a metaverse. Radio Caca is the exclusive manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and DeFi+GameFi vehicle for The USM Metaverse. Radio Caca’s project developers are anonymous but have the backing of Tencent, the Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company responsible for WeChat. The $RACA token is currently trading at  $0.0003991 USD, per CoinMarketCap

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