Radio Caca is BSC’s MVB III Star of the Month

Radio Caca (RACA) has won Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) coveted Most Valuable Builders (MVB) III September Star Award (2021). Binance found RACA’s performance on transaction volume, active users, total transaction, performance analytics, etc. parameters to be satisfactory.

The Certik-audited Radio Caca exclusively manages Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) and also that of The USM (the MMO 3D Mapping Metaverse) Metaverse of DeFi + GameFi vehicle. Having launched on the BSC in October 2021, Radio Caca is a ‘Play to Earn’ game involving ‘RACA’ is the AXS of Axie Infinity.

Radio Caca’s extensive and innovative commitment towards building its Metamon P2E game and Universal Metaverse (USM) are commendable, per BSC MVB III judges. In their evaluation, BSC judges also duly evaluated the security of the RACA token and got its smart contracts duly audited.

Radio Caca considers their spirit of innovation, development, team members, and their community to be central to their success. Radio Caca, the MVB III Monthly Star Winner (RACA), now stands eligible to receive the following:

Community support (social media and marketing) from BSC

Boosted access to MVB Incubation Program and mentorship

Partner-led Smart Contract Audits discounts

NFT recognition badge by Galaxy (giving access to private events and incubation seminars, etc).

Now, Radio Caca will also duly qualify to avail investments from the US$500M investment fund. Apart from that, it will also get liquidity incentives, courtesy of the fresh US$100 million Liquidity Incentive Program.

Source: Radio Caca Medium Blog

Radio Caca is now setting its sight towards championing the MVBIII Top Player Award.

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Contract Address: 0x12BB890508c125661E03b09EC06E404bc9289040






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