RabbitFinance Will Launch First GameFi From Rabbit DAO

The GameFi DAO has announced plans to launch Rabbit vs Zombies on December 29.

RabbitFinance NFT Game

RabbitFinance is set to launch its first-ever game, which will see Rabbits pitted against undead hordes of Zombies.

The GameFi game invites users to purchase NFT rabbits and to use them to ‘snipe’ zombies from December 29. Each NFT Rabbit a user owns can be used to snipe a zombie daily, with rewards conferred for successful attacks.

According to information on the RabbitFinance homepage, Rabbit NFT will bring a number of improvements to the entire RabbitFinance ecosystem.

“Rabbit NFT not only enriches the tokenomics, but also provides more playability to the community, which will surely become a successful model of NFT,” explains RabbitFinance.

Rabbit warriors are divided up into four clans: Trica, Cron Lauren, Assal and Iruka, with NFTs rated by 10 rarity levels. The rarer the NFT rabbit the more powerful it is, offering a greater chance of success in the zombie fight. Rabbits can also be improved and upgraded over time.

To help users get started with Rabbit vs Zombies, RabbitFinance has released a full explainer for the game mechanics in a blog.

Rabbits will pit their might against Zombies (Source)

What is Rabbit Finance?

Rabbit Finance is a cross-chain lending platform with the ability to flex up to 10x to max leverage for users. Rabbit Finance strives to ensure the deposited funds from users are utilized in the best possible way. The protocol works to adapt to new circumstances and to launch updates that better suit the user’s deposited money. The platform can also utilize leverage farming, which, when combined with its cross-chain capabilities, allows users to maximize interest and Annual Percentage Yields. Rabbit also has the backing of over eleven top-tier capitals groups.

Where to find Rabbit Finance?

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