Rabbit Vs. Zombies, the 1st Game of the RabbitDAO Platform

A dive into the first offering from the GameFi and DAO governance platform by Rabbit Finance.

What is RabbitDAO?

RabbitDAO is Rabbit Finance’s GameFi and DAO governance platform, which uses the RS governance token with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) 2.0 mechanisms. Rabbit Finance will improve its product structure by using RabbitDAO to transition from a standard deposit and loan-based DeFi platform to GameFi and DeFi2.0 andDAO governance platform.

On the RabbitDAO platform, Rabbit Finance intends to create a number of GameFi products. Rabbit Vs. Zombies, the first game on RabbitDAO platform, will be released soon. What kind of game is it going to be? Let’s have a look at a new guide that the team recently released.

Magic Box

Players can open a magic box with 1 RS each to obtain a rabbit warrior card NFT. 10 magic boxes at max can be opened at one time. 

The wallet address will be cooled down for 24 hours when the total NFT amount reaches 100, then the next 100 accumulation starts and you can continue to open more boxes. The rabbit warriors come from 4 clans, and they will be displayed on the Warrior page after the raffle.

The RS token paid for magic boxes will be reserved as the reward returning to the whole ecosystem.

Magic Box Raffle Rules

The NFT obtained from the magic box will be automatically staked in the gathering pool and share token rewards according to the ATK of your rabbit warriors. ATK is determined by EXP, rarity, and gears of the warrior. The gathering pool will allocate rewards based on the total ATK and your proportion.


The market is where players can trade rabbit warrior card NFT including buy and sell of NFT and gears. Players can appreciate, collect and sell their NFT to make profit or trade for new cards for synth to higher rarity cards so as to increase ATK.

The seller will be charged 10% the value of NFT as the trading fee while the buyer can receive NFT with no trading fee. The trading fee flow will be reserved as rewards returning to the whole ecosystem.

Stay tuned to get informed on relevant rules and regulations.

Rabbit Warriors


The ATK of the rabbit warrior card NFT is determined by 3 factors with positive correlations: rarity, EXP and gears. Higher rarity, more EXP and more gears of the NFT will be calculated to more ATK.


ATK of NFT= (Rarity ATK* Rarity Bonus + Gear ATK* Gear Bonus )* (Min Lv Bonus + Lv Completion Rate* 30% )


If you have an Epic NFT with 150,000 EXP and equipped with 200 gears, the ATK will be,

(990*350%+200*115%)*{190%+((15000–7200)/10800)*30%} = 7821.08335


The NFT are divided into 10 rarity levels, representing different scarcities. Players can synthesize to get higher rarity NFT with relatively lower rarity cards.

EXP and Level

There are 10 levels according to EXP depending on how active the NFT is involved in the game. EXP will accumulate through sniping zombies and thus raising up levels.

Warrior Profile

Rabbit warriors come from 4 clans, Trica, Cron Lauren, Assal, and Iruka, and will gather to fight against zombies.


3 lower rarity cards can be synthesized into a higher rarity card following certain rules. The synth rules are shown in the table below.


Gear can boost the ATK of warriors. You can buy gears through B2C mode on the Market. For the sake of fair play, each NFT is limited to 1 piece gear per week to avoid gear concentration in the hands of individual players. The gears can not be disassembled once embedded on the card. The gear will be installed once purchase succeeds and can not be transferred or sold.

The gears are paid with RS token, which will be rewarded to the entire ecosystem.

NFTs with different rarity can be equipped with different amounts of gears as shown below.


Gathering is done in the reward pool to forage and accumulate wealth. The NFT drawn from the magic box will be automatically staked in the gathering pool. The reward will be allocated based on the total ATK in the pool. The higher proportion your NFT owns of the whole ATK, the higher yield you will receive.


The EXP of your rabbit warrior will accumulate as you snipe more and more zombies. More EXP will raise the level of the card and increase the ATK. For details on EXP and leveling, please refer to the Warrior chapter.

Players can pick and snipe a zombie once a day, obtaining EXP based on the result and the win rate against the zombie.

How to Play

Choose a rabbit warrior and pick a zombie to snipe each time.

‌The stronger the zombie, the lower the win rate, while the more rewards you will receive once winning.

Much more EXP will be rewarded if you win, and much less if you lose.

Each NFT card can play one round every 24 hours. Access to the next round will open when the timer countdown ends.

The higher the rarity, the higher the win rate against zombies. For more details, please refer to the Warrior chapter.

The rolling results will be recorded on the blockchain. Only a small fee is needed to play.

Boss Battle

Players can collect rabbit warriors from 4 clans to form a squad to join the team battle against the Boss within a period of time. The reward will be allocated among all the participants according to the squad ATK proportion.

How to Play

A team battle will be launched every 10 days to allow the rabbit warrior squad to join the battle against the Boss.

To form a squad, you need to collect rabbit warriors from 4 clans, among which at least one has Worthy rarity or two have Good rarity.

Players can PK with the Boss once a day while the battle will last for 10 days as a round, and the damage to the Boss will be accumulated.

After the battle is over, the total reward will be allocated according to the damage to the Boss, which is equal to the warrior’s ATK.

For more details, check out the Rabbit Finance community:

Rabbit Finance Discord Server 

Rabbit Finance Telegram Group

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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