Rabbit Finance Launches Garden Yield Farming as Total Value Locked (TVL) Crosses 1 Billion

Rabbit Finance shows no signs of slowing down as the protocol continues to rapidly expand, bringing big updates and features to their community.

TVL Goes Over $1 Billion

The lending protocol Rabbit Finance has hit a huge milestone and now looks to offer more benefits to their user base. Rabbit Finance announced to their community on July 9th via a Twitter post that their protocol has crossed $1 billion dollars in total value locked. The leverage farming protocol with up to 10x, is taking major steps on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


The news is tremendous for Rabbit Finance, as they join a small but growing group of protocols that continue to expand and excel within the stagnating crypto market. Yet being on the right side of $1 billion in total value locked is not the only major update the platform has announced. 

Yield Farming Comes to Rabbit Finance

Following the huge news of Rabbit Finance crossing $1 Billion in TVL, the protocol announced on July 10th in a Medium article that they have launched Garden, a new yield farming feature. The users have more reasons to hop on over to the protocol and start making big gains. 


Garden launched last night and is currently letting users stake RABBIT/CARROT to farm tokens. Rabbit Finance also announced that if the value of CARROT falls below 1 BUSD in value, Rabbit Finance will raise the weighted point of RABBIT pool reward in the vault. 

Rabbit Finance has experienced tons of growth this past week. Can the momentum continue? The lending protocol was also recently included in Binance’s Top 20 Most Valuable Builder program. Only time will tell. For now, Rabbit Finance looks well-positioned to become a significant project on BSC and within the crypto industry.  

What is Rabbit Finance? 

Rabbit Finance is a cross-chain lending platform with the ability to flex up to 10x to max leverage for users. Rabbit Finance strives to ensure the deposited funds from users are utilized in the best possible way. The protocol works to adapt to new circumstances and to launch updates that better suit the user’s deposited money. The platform can also utilize leverage farming, which, when combined with its cross-chain capabilities, allows users to maximize interest and Annual Percentage Yields. Rabbit also has the backing of over eleven top-tier capitals groups.

Source : bsc.news

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