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coinwire.com hosts an AMA with QiJi Community. #QiJiCommunity #BNBChain #BSCDaily #AMA

Coinwire Admin: Thank you everyone for joining our AMA with QiJi Community Today we welcome: Wood – Overseas Strategy Consultant from QiJi Community. Hey Wood, how’s it going with you?

Wood: Ok, fine

Coinwire Admin: Everything is ok and fine! That’s great to know. Thank you Wood for being here with us, let’s start the AMA right away with QiJi Community, shall we?

Wood: Ok

Coinwire Admin: Fantastic! Let’s kick this AMA off with our first segment: Q&A with the host. My first question for Wood here is:

Q1: Please briefly introduce yourself and the QiJi community to the audience!

Wood: Hello everyone at BSC Daily, my name is Wood and I have personally worked as a global strategy director for large technology companies in the US, Europe and South East Asia. Currently, I am working as an overseas strategy consultant for QiJi Community, responsible for the overseas resource links and marketing of QiJi Community. QiJi Community is currently one of the largest Chinese communities in the world and a powerful promotion organization for the blockchain industry in China. As the world’s first community built in the form of a DAO organization, the QiJi Community has brought together a large number of early BTC and ETH investors and evangelists. To date, we have more than 1,000 core community leaders, more than 10,000 online and offline communities, and a total of more than 100,000 regular members worldwide.

Coinwire Admin: You guys are hugeee

Wood: Thank you

Coinwire Admin: So let’s get to know more about what QiJi Community is about

Q2: Why did QiJi choose to develop from the DAO community to the DAO community-driven application platform?

Wood: This is a good question. As you see, the blockchain crypto industry itself is emerging because of the community, for example, the online geek forums in the early days of BTC, meme and DAO. However, we cannot deny that the development route of the vast majority of builders in the industry is “product-consensus”, and with the size and cohesion currently possessed by QiJi , it is completely possible to go to the “consensus-product” that most people envy. From the community to the ecology, this will enhance the cohesion of QiJi and bring new consensus increments to QiJi .So the development of the DAO community-driven application platform is the strategy that the QiJi community should choose.

Coinwire Admin: I would love to know more about this approach that you’re taking

Q3: What is the DAO Community Application Driven Platform?

Wood: Ok. QiJi Community has completed the first phase of consensus building because of the DAO concept, which is the core factor that has enabled us to achieve our current success. In the next phase, we will still choose DAO-driven governance, with the concept of fairness, openness and democracy to develop the applications needed by community members and industry development. This will include the four main application areas of SocialFi, DeFi, GameFi and NFT.

Coinwire Admin: Very nice, so we can expect the QiJi Community to build products that are necessary for the people in the upcoming months. I’m looking forward to it!

Wood: Thank you.

Coinwire Admin: One factor that I think is crucial for DAO sustainability is obviously the people. They need to head to the same goal in order for the DAO to be healthy

Q4: What is the culture of the QiJi community?

Wood: The culture of the QiJi Community is highly compatible with the DAO philosophy. We believe in fairness, openness, democracy and harmony. So that the QiJi Community can continue to attract quality community members from outside and grow into one of the largest Chinese communities in the world with 100,000 members today. Originally named “Miracle”, the QiJi Community brings together the most ordinary market investors, dedicated to lowering the barriers to information and investment in the industry and creating a “miracle of consensus” and “miracle of wealth” together. We will always keep the original intention in mind.

Coinwire Admin: Nice going

Wood: Thanks

Coinwire Admin: So you want to further grow the community of QiJi even though you’ve achieved such an incredible number, over 100k members world wide. So:

Q5: As an overseas strategic advisor, please talk about the current situation of Miracle’s overseas development.

Wood: It’s a simple questionMy work at QiJi is mainly responsible for the expansion of the community’s overseas resources. Of course, we have also entered into strategic partnerships with a number of organizations and technology teams.

Coinwire Admin: Oh 

Q6: Could you tell us about QiJi’s current strategic partners?

Wood: Of course. Because of our large consensus user base, many organizations have expressed interest in working with QiJi. We chose to enter into a strategic partnership with New Form Capital from New York because New Form Capital was able to provide us with the resources we needed to achieve QiJi’s next goal faster, such as the underlying technology and community economic model.

Coinwire Admin: Gotcha. Partnerships are crucial if you want to expand, but QiJi also needs to have a great team behind as well

Q7: Can you talk about the technical team of QiJi?

Wood: Our technical team is being formed, let me talk about technical partners

Coinwire Admin: Sure!

Wood: The technical partner that impressed me the most was Poriot, which was one of the decisive factors in our ability to work with New Form Capital. And Poriot is one of New Form Capital’s strategic partners. According to our community’s thorough research, we found that  Poriot is currently the only block space product in the world that is implemented on the ground. Block space, what a wonderful narrative. Not only that, Poriot has developed the world’s first space eco-application matrix: the world’s leading web3.0 underlying public chain – Poriot chain; the world’s first lightweight wallet— PayPort; the world’s first DAO autonomous IDO platform – ZK- PORT;YaoShui, the world’s first smart contract product to combat inflation and liquidity crunch. With New Form Capital’s facilitation and leadership, QiJi Community will be working with Poriot on investment, technology and marketing, and we are looking forward to it.

Coinwire Admin: Yeah we did have an AMA with Poriot here at BSCdaily not too long ago. I think the project is still running well, and I hope it is

Q8: Do New Form Capital, QiJi and Poriot already have an initial partnership in place?

Wood: ExcitingOf course, under the leadership of New Form Capital, we are happy to participate in the Poriot ecological construction in any form, which will lay a good foundation for subsequent cooperation in the technical field. Regarding the cooperation plan, you can follow and join the telegram group of the QiJi Community.We will announce the latest cooperation progress and plans for you in the community.

Coinwire Admin: Lovely! Here’s their telegram channel: t.me/QJITokens. Remember to join them everyone!!

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with QiJi Community

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Wood: Thank you for your enthusiasm, it’s an honor to be here with BSC Daily today, see you next timeBye

Coinwire Admin: Thank you Wood for a nice AMA session about QiJi Community! We wish you the best with the upcoming development plan and partnerships as well

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