PsyBulls Sells Out First Psychedelic NFT Collection

PsyBulls will soon launch its token and game, eventually becoming an NFT PlayToEarn metaverse.

PsyBulls Mints Out First NFT Collection

The emerging NFT project on BNB Chain, the Psychedelic Bulls Experience, successfully sold out its first PsyBulls NFT collection.

The PsyBulls NFT collection comprises 5,555 colorful hand-drawn unique psychedelic bull NFTs of various rarities. The minting of PsyBulls went live at 7pm UTC on February 22 at 0.08 BNB each, which the team later reduced to 0.04 BNB. The team announced the completion of the genesis minting on Twitter after the final NFT in the collection was minted on May

Soon after minting out, PsyBulls got listed on the Nftkey secondary market. As of writing, 379 PsyBulls have been sold on Nftkey, with the priciest – PsyBull 1346 of rarity rank 150, sold for 4 BNB.

BSCNews reached out to the project’s co-founder, Jo(n) Rogan, for comments. Reflecting on the minting out, he praised the project’s developing community for accelerating the mint after what initially looked like a slow start: 

“The community has been awesome, to be honest. We started off slow, but with the community’s help, we managed to reach our goals step by step. The last push from them was amazing and led to a minting frenzy of around 1500 mints in 2 days.” Rogan stated. 

What’s Next For PsyBulls?

As seen on the project’s website, PsyBulls is the first out of three collections that will make up the Psychedelic Bulls Experience ecosystem. Two other collections, PsyBears, and Psybreeds – a hybrid of PsyBulls and PsyBears, are in line for future release. Before the remaining collections are due for minting, the project will launch its token and game to evolve into an NFT PlaytoEarn metaverse which it refers to as the ‘Psychedelic-verse.’ Gamers would be able to increase the value of their NFTs through breeding. The games will also feature guest appearances by notable psychedelic icons Timothy Leary, Jimi Hendricks, and Janis Joplin. 


Logan gave an insight into the current focus of the team and the next phase of the project:

“We are now trying to maintain a high floor on the marketplace before our 2nd collection, “Psybears” will be released. After we mint out our 2nd collection, we will also launch a game where players will need to win a certain trophy to be able to mint our hybrids. With the way we have designed the project, both PsyBulls and Psybears are needed to mint the PsyBreeds. This mechanism will automatically push the floor price up for both collections,” the Co-founder revealed. 

By every means, PsyBulls has not had a bad start. Though it took a little while – more than 2 months, to achieve minted-out status, not every NFT project ever gets to have enough public acceptance to mint out successfully. It is safe to say that PsyBulls has scaled its first hurdle.

What is PsyBulls:

PsyBulls is an upcoming NFT project on BNB Chain. It is the first of three NFT collections in the Psychedelic Experience ecosystem. PsyBulls consists of 5,555 unique psychedelic bull NFTs with over 150 hand-drawn features. PsyBulls is currently listed on the Nftkey NFT marketplace. 

Where to find PsyBulls:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord 

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