PsyBears Latests NFTs Dropping Into PsyBulls Ecosystem

Minting will go live on June 27 through the Rareboard NFT marketplace at 0.075 BNB per mint. 

PsyBulls Prepares Second NFT Collection 

Fast-rising Non-fungible Token (NFT) platform on BNB Chain, The Psychedelic Bulls, will introduce another collection to the NFT space shortly. 

As announced on June 23, the new NFT collection, PsyBears, will be launched on June 27, following the massive success of its first collection, PsyBulls. The protocol’s co-founder, Jo(n) Rogan, expressed delight to BSC News at unveiling PsyBears, a collection of 5555 unique NFTs. Rogan also discussed the upcoming PlayToEarn (P2E) game and the Staking feature the community requested. 

“We had a few requests from the community to change our utility after we started developing the original game. So we put up a vote last week, and the community decided we should go with Staking instead,” Rogan told BSC News. “But we didn’t want to give up on the game entirely, so we’ve decided to give the community what they want, but we will also deliver a PsyBulls/PsyBears mini-game.”

PsyBulls will integrate both collections with a fun P2E arcade game. Further, holders will enjoy staking as part of their utilities.

PsyBulls NFT collection sold out within a couple of weeks after launch on February 22, as reported by BSC News. The protocol looks to enjoy similar success with the latest collection in its growing ecosystem. 

What is PsyBulls: 

PsyBulls is a thriving NFT project on BNB Chain. It is the first of three NFT collections in the Psychedelic Experience ecosystem. PsyBulls consists of 5,555 unique NFTs with over 150 hand-drawn features. The collection is currently listed on the Nftkey NFT marketplace after successful minting on its website. 

The second collection, PsyBears, comprises 5,555 unique characters coming to the NFT space on June 27. The minting will take place on the Rareboard marketplace at 0.075 BNB. The protocol will also launch a native P2E game for both collections to offer users exclusive benefits for holding NFTs. 

Where to find PsyBulls:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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