Proposal to Rebrand Wault Finance Passes, Submissions Are Open

The branding competition for their new platform is announced with a prize of $2,000 of WEX tokens.

Wault Community Participates in Rebranding

Wault Finance has announced that the rebranding token merge proposal has passed, and now the DeFi protocol has launched a branding contest to decide on a new brand name, as declared via a Twitter post. Wault Finance has come a long way, only to see itself require a full rebranding to continue.

As previously reported by BSC News, the protocol announced a restructuring proposal on Oct. 25 that would merge all the tokens in the Wault ecosystem to make a single token model for the protocol. The branding contest will run from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, with the associated governance vote will go on from Nov. 3 to Nov. 5.

“With the tremendous response we have already received on the Merger and Rebranding proposal vote (..) we are excited to announce our branding competition for our new platform! The winner will receive 2,000 USD worth of WEX tokens!” hails the official Medium blog making the announcement.

Source: Wault Branding Contest

Wault Finance has laid down some basic rules for the competition that includes the name suggestions should not contain any profanity or directly/indirectly violate the trademarks of any company. The top 10-15 submissions will go through a more rigorous refinement out of which the top will be sent for another community vote in the future that will decide the ultimate winner.

About Wault Finance

Wault Finance is a DeFi hub which aims to connect primary DeFi use-cases on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon. The protocol has partnered with many giants in the DeFi space like Alpaca Finance,  Polygon, Beefy Finance, Autofarm, Euler Tools,  Immunefi, MEXC Global, and Certik, amongst others. Their DEX protocol, WaultSwap, is compatible with both the BSC and Polygon.

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