Project NEXUS Seeking a Once-in-a-Lifetime Leap for Traditional Finance

Diving into the value proposition that Project NEXUS brings to the table.

Introducing a Revolution

Project NEXUS, a name quickly gaining mainstream attention, is an evolution to investment portfolios and market access. Project NEXUS functions so radically different from what the world is used to that it could even be considered a revolution, according to the team.

Project NEXUS Important Details

  • The term ‘Nexus’ in this context refers to the connection between traditional finance and DeFi, allowing everyone equal access to a selection of markets that require research and financial acumen not available to most of us.
  • Thanks to its mobile app, Project NEXUS provides a wide array of valuable features so users don’t have to venture into the DeFi space solo.
  • The team utilizes blockchain technology and tokenization to unify real estate, stocks, and crypto into one single, merged market. Many of the traditional barriers to entry, including high capital requirements, multiple KYC applications, and usability issues, are removed through tokenization.

“This is only the beginning as NEXUS is investigating auxiliary markets, tools, and strategic partners that will continue to bring the company, investors, and NEXUS App users value for many years into the future,” Nadeem Alrabey, Chief Operating Officer for Project NEXUS, said.

How Does Project NEXUS Effectively Etilize Fractionalization?

You can invest in exclusive real estate, in a concrete development project or building, for as low as $5. The platform offers stock derivatives for just $1. No longer are these asset classes reserved for the wealthy, and you can earn more efficiently by utilizing the Savings aspect of the app.

Earning with the Project NEXUS App

Investors can earn rent/dividends by owning real estate tokens and stock derivatives. Through tokenization and the secondary market, the real estate market is now made liquid, meaning it’s tradeable 24/7.

Mohammed Khashogji, CEO of Project NEXUS, shared that from “my experience in Traditional Finance, I saw several constant repeating problems that were frustrating and nonsensical. When introduced to Blockchain Technology by Co-Founder Nadeem, the potential solutions to real-life issues, such as ease of use, better value, and efficiency, quickly bubbled to the surface of my mind. I was immediately hooked and shifted my focus to solving the unsolved.”

The traditional nuances, property listings, and third-party requirements are now redundant through the simple, user-friendly, and highly efficient Project NEXUS Mobile App. When customers select ‘sell’ within the app, their real estate tokens will be sold instantly to market makers. As such, selling will no longer be lengthy, expensive, and stressful, with buyers and sellers relying on multiple third parties.

The NEXUS Token

Project NEXUS wishes to reward investors who hold the platform’s token and have invested considerable energy in researching how to achieve this through what they consider a valuable long-term asset.

We aren’t offering the basic tradable asset that many projects do. Instead, we are providing a token that holders genuinely wish to hold for the long term due to the benefits my team and I are meticulously sculpting,” Vasileios Ntamtsios, Head of Crypto Research and Tokenization for Project NEXUS, confirmed.

With that in mind, the initial use cases for the token created by the team involve the world’s first Real Estate launchpad, with industry-leading partnerships, a $1 billion+ portfolio exclusive to Project NEXUS from launch, and early discounted access for investors contributing higher levels of capital. There are also randomized airdrops for token holders, better terms on auto-repaying loans, and a one-of-a-kind NFT lottery for private and public sales.

Other use cases include discounted fee structures, boosted APY on users’ savings accounts, the referral program, incentivized rewards, enhanced credit card terms, access to exclusive services, conversion of small balances, the ability to unlock trading bots as signals, and much more.

What is Project NEXUS:

Project NEXUS allows its investors to use real estate tokens, stock derivatives, and crypto as collateral for immediate payout crypto loans with flexible repayment options for borrower selection. The app is not only convenient and aesthetically pleasing but also genuinely revolutionary in design and functionality.

Project NEXUS App users also have the ‘Risk Reserve’ feature to enhance confidence further and protect investors while showcasing the seriousness of the platform and the team behind it. If the Risk Reserve is required, Project NEXUS will attempt to buy back NEXUS tokens on the open market with company profits to maintain the 5% allocation. Unexpected operationally challenging events and circumstances are disruptive, so with the Risk Reserve in situ, App users have that extra assurance.

Developers have worked tirelessly to ensure that Project NEXUS App only presents relevant information, providing the best user experience and keeping the interface clutter-free. They have an overview, enabling efficient decision-making. For example, when a user taps into an asset, news, financials, graphs, and other critical information is presented in the app.

The highlights include real estate tokens for $5, stock derivatives for $1, and all the crypto you want – all with one app, one KYC, and one big vision. Many unique use cases are offered, many barriers are eradicated, and there are many opportunities to earn! The Private Sale for their token starts today, meaning investors have the chance to onboard in what are still very early days.

For more information and regular updates, join their Telegram, view their Lightpaper, or visit their other channels.

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