Project Insight: Rareboard NFT Marketplace

Rareboard is now the leading NFT Marketplace Aggregator built for the BNB Chain. It allows its users to mint, trade, and discover rare NFTs


Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator built for the BNB Chain. It is an NFT marketplace that allows users to see the NFTs listed on ten different marketplaces – currently over 70 collections. The platform has been steadily launching new features since it went live in October 2021.

New features aimed at increasing the platform’s efficiency and delivering a better NFT collecting, minting, and trading experience are constantly added. The platform has seen increased usage since March 2022, as the past months witnessed over 1500 BNB being spent in minting NFT assets.

One of the latest collections of NFTs on its dashboard is the BSC News NFT collection. Many other NFT artists select this platform due to the features and tools that improve the users’ experience.


The platform also has a Rarity Dashboard which makes it a top choice for users – they can see a rarity score of the assets against their prices. This feature has been attracting users since the platform launched. At the moment, the exchange boasts over $11M of trading volume

The platform has become a leader in the NFT marketplace even though the ongoing crypto bear market. In June 2022, it recorded an increase of 269% in transactions which reflects a growing interest from NFT investors in using it.

“Rareboard accounted for 10% of the entire trade volume of BNB Chain NFTs from April to May 2022.” – Rareboard website

Why do users choose Rareboard? Let’s find out more

Key Features

Rarity Dashboard

NFT Aggregator and Marketplace

Low transaction fees

A large pool of collections to choose from

How to list an NFT Collection on Rareboard

Listing your NFT collection on Rareboard may be a great idea considering that the platform accounted for 10% of the entire trade volume of BNB Chain NFTs in April 2022. That growth rate also attracted large investors to the platform.

It doesn’t cost buyers or sellers any extra amount for sales or bids placed on it. Here is how to list on Rareboard:

There are several rules that the platform follows when finding out the best NFTs to list. One of the protocols dictates that an NFT asset must first be listed on at least one of their integrated marketplaces. If the asset is listed on NFTKeyPancakeSwap, or Galler the marketplace has enabled a buy functionality on those platforms.

Check that your collection is available in at least one of the partner marketplaces then follow this process:

Get in touch with the project

You are required to reach out to the platform through their official platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter DM. When messaging them, ask to speak to the moderator and they will be in charge of introducing you to the right person who will help you with your query.

Tell them about the NFT Collection

The team is interested in knowing details like whether it is your first collection, whether have you had a successful one before, and such. It also wants to know if your NFT collection has utility features or other aspects that make it unique.

Give details on how you measure rarity

The platform also measures the rarity of NFTs using a number of criteria. Learn about them before deciding to list them. The platform allows users to add customized rarity rankings depending on how they have designed their collections.

Fill out their form for official documentation

Rareboard plans to enable a self-service process for listing NFTs in the future, but only allows for manual listing at the moment. The required documents and details are processed manually.

What Is Required to Complete the Listing Process?

To list an NFT collection on the platform, you will need to provide:

Images for the listing

The images that are required for the process include:

An Avatar logo

Listing Banner: 1268X254

Images for listing announcements with a transparent background logo

Grid Collage of your NFTs: 1600X900

Basic information

The form provided by the team will require a user to provide such information as:

Collection Name

Collection Description

Mint Date

Mint Price(s)

Number of NFTs in the collection

TokenAddress (Your NFT Contract)

Useful links

Provide useful links like the official website and social media channels

Announcement article

The listing request should be accompanied by an announcement article to ensure that the target market for the collection gets informed before the listing.

Rarity Rankings

The platform has the following Rarity ranking methods:

Rarity Score- A ranking method developed and popularised by the founders of It is the default method on the exchange.

Statistical Rarity-Statistical rarity is an objective-oriented method of ranking. It accounts for all attributes on an NFT to arrive at the final rarity rankings.

Average Rarity-This ranking method accounts for all the trait attributes of the available NFT Collections before arriving at a ranking. However, it accomplishes that process by accounting for the averages of all the rarity attributes.

Trait Rarity- This method is a simple one and it ranks NFTs according to their rarest trait. It doesn’t seem to offer the most satisfactory results as it overlooks most other important attributes.

Mint Pass

Mint pass is a unique feature on the exchange that allows active users to access the WL of promising NFT Projects on the BNB Chain. This feature uses on-chain data to calculate who are the most active users on Rareboard. It ranks people depending on their frequency of activities and offers free mints to top users.

This feature is beneficial to users as it increases their profit margins and has kept activities on the platform remain high- which is good for NFT artists as well.

Final Thoughts

Rareboard is a breed of new generation of NFT Marketplaces which are becoming the go-to platform for many NFT enthusiasts, both new and veteran. Its wide range of features and optimized tools help make both buyers and sellers more profitable.

However, it is advisable to DYOR before investing in the crypto space. Also, do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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