Privapp Network – New Generation of Privacy-Based Web Technologies

Privapp Network is building a new Web 3.0 ecosystem that includes domain, browser, and wallet services and is focused on the privacy of the users.

What is Privapp?

Privapp Network is a Web 3.0 project which aims to let the user remain in control of their data with the help of several tools. The Network is ready to roll out its game and browser in January as per a Medium blog post. 

The Network provides hosting and wallet services as well, providing full anonymity as per a user’s needs. Priva Token (PRIVA) is the native token of the platform and forms a significant component of the Privapp ecosystem.

The platform has also been audited by Solidity Finance, a smart contracts auditing services provider.

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How Does Privapp Provide Privacy?

Privapp uses chain signatures, secret chain transactions, and hashed wallet addresses to completely conceal the sender-recipient addresses and transaction amounts of the people using the Network. 

Chain signatures are those digital contracts that can be signed by anyone belonging to a specific group and possessing a key. Any person in the group can sign while their identity remains concealed.

“Privapp offers users everything that a completely decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem can have, without compromising the concept of privacy, our basic human right,” the Privapp website explains.

Privapp Ecosystem

The Privapp ecosystem includes a number of tools from the Network which can benefit the users in many ways. 


Privapp NFT domains have a ‘unique, personalized and non-followable structure’ as per the whitepaper, which saves the users from ICANN dependency and allows them to move freely in the blockchain-based ecosystem, eliminating the concept of DNS. 

Users will be able to build their brand value via the PRIVA NFT domains and sell their brand value (domains) on the NFT marketplace via the PRIVA browser. These transactions will be anonymous.

PRIVA Hosting

PRIVA hosting allows users to create and store files, images, tables, and all the other data in a comfortable format, all anonymously. Furthermore, users can earn PRIVA by opening and renting their hosting to other users.  

Moreover, the hosting feature is backed by a four-layered security system to protect the users’ data and allows two subscription options.

Source: Whitepaper

PRIVA Browser

The PRIVA browser comprises a search engine and an NFT marketplace as well. Whenever a user is on the web, looking at the news, or listening to songs, the session will be private with no middle platforms between the content creators and the users.

PRIVA Wallet

Whatever you buy and sell within the Privapp ecosystem, the transactions will be completely secure and private. Also, users of the wallet can convert their existing tokens into PRIVA tokens and store them.


The total supply of PRIVA tokens is fixed at 10 million PRIVA with no burning mechanisms. However, the supply can be reduced by transferring assets to a burn address.

Source: Website

20% of the supply is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), while 79.9% of the supply is locked, as per Solidity’s report.


The roadmap for Privapp Network shows that by March 2022, public sales of domains and hostings will start with the launch of the mainnet by May 2023.

Source: Whitepaper

Final Thoughts

Web 3.0 has remained a topic of major debate among many blockchain enthusiasts. Privapp Network aims to settle the debate in its own way by providing a one-stop solution for all Web 3.0 enthusiasts. 

The platform provides personal hosting services, dedicated domains, a browser with an NFT marketplace, and a wallet, all based on the decentralized and privacy features of Web 3.0. The platform has been audited and passed with a clean chit. 

Every tool from Privapp has been developed to allow users complete control over their browsing experience and data. The entire ecosystem uses a decentralized model with no platform creating issues in between.






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