Privacy Token, Typhoon Network, Posts Impressive 140% 7 Day Gains

The native token TYPH is up triple-digits BSC-based gain tokens in its 7 DAYS weekly gains.

Impressive 140% Gain

For the past seven days, the token has gained a whopping 140% for its holders, according to the BSCNews Tools.

TYPH on BSC News Dashboard | Source

The recent partnership with the popular AMM platform – ApeSwap – may have been the primary cause of the immense token gains over the past weeks and have even done 3% in the last 24hrs.

The partnership brought alongside with it, farming of the TYPH token, which at this time of this report currently gives 401% APR to stakers according to this Tweet via its official Twitter handle.

  • Stake $TYPH – $BNB earn $BANANA 

More farms may be opened for the privacy network token in the future on the ApeSwap platform. A glance through the list of farms available on the ApeSwap platform, TYPH is the biggest of them next to BMXX farm, providing more support for why the token has potentially rallied in the past week.

Re-Launch of New TYPH Pool

The team also launched a second BNB-TYPH LP staking pool using APE LPs. This caters to users who want to get TYPH tokens as rewards instead of BANANA. This is in addition to the initial LP rewards, allowing users to choose both TYPH and/or BANANA rewards.

Stake TYPH-BNB LP Tokens and Earn TYPH rewards | Source

The team announced the new pool via this Tweet so that users who have a different preference from the earlier reward system can go right ahead to stake on Typhoon Network HERE.

Typhoon Network Updates

On June 2nd, the network announced over $1 million in transaction volume over a 7 day period indicating rapid network growth.

$1 Million 7 Days Volume | Source

The platform also featured on’s May 10 top 20 blockchain utility lists by 30D volume. This is across all chains and not limited to only the BSC network.

Top 20 Utility Dapps Ecosystem by 30D Volume | Source

About Typhoon Network

As earlier reviewed in a two-part series by us HERE and HERE, Typhoon protocol brings about the privacy features notable of privacy protocols like Monero, Pivx, and Tornado Cash on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users with keen interests in keeping their identities anonymous will find this application helpful as traceability becomes relatively impossible within the protocol.

Typhoon Network 

In simple terms, when an attempt is made to trace the transaction done through Typhoon Network, all they will see is the transaction between Typhoon contracts and not between users. This is made possible by zkSNARKS, consisting of complex cryptography famously utilized by Tornado Cash, which is discussed HERE. Through leveraging zkSNARKS and providing privacy services, the network’s global reach is becoming established. The new staking mechanism and the collaboration with ApeSwap is one of several other factors contributing to the growth of the token’s success.

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