Predictcoin: Revolutionizing Crypto Price Prediction

Predictcoin is developing a platform that plans to revolutionize & redefine the decentralization of crypto price prediction, making users predictions public for the world to see and take action.

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have gained wide adoption both as a digital currency for making and receiving payments and also as an investment vehicle where people trade. In order to make trades, users have to constantly monitor the state of the market and the possible evolution of the crypto and sometimes this can be quite tedious.

Specialists in the crypto space have been coming up with more informed ways to carry out price predictions. With this, people no longer have to go through the tedious process of predicting crypto assets by themselves. Predictcoin looks to make that more easy for predictors and users looking for near price predictions of their favorite cryptocurrency.

Predictcoin is a crypto asset price prediction DAO, where users or “PREDers” can predict the price of crypto assets at a particular time, which would be visible and accessible to all.

Predictcoin offers a platform where the best predictors (cryptocurrency enthusiasts and long-term cryptocurrency traders) in the crypto space who have valuable experience trading cryptocurrencies can predict crypto assets and earn $PRED while at it.

PREDers are people who make predictions on the Predictcoin platform.

$PRED is the governance token of Predictcoin and would be used to create user’s profiles, predict on crypto assets and vote on community issues.

The platform just made their debut on the Binance Smart Chain by deploying their $PRED token to mainnet, with the staking & farming features also being developed for $PRED holders to earn more $PRED and farm as well.

Users would get the first hand experience and see what experienced predictors think the market would look like for a particular coin in the next few days. Thereby learning more about the market and the experience.

The project has completed the first phase of their roadmap and moving forward to focusing on the second phase of their project. The second phase of their roadmap will bring $PRED (the platform’s governance token) to the hand of users, through an initial coin offering.

The platform is also building and working on the ecosystem Q3 2021 pledges, by introducing staking, farming, voting and the much anticipated price prediction, as well as getting audits for their smart contracts.

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