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What Is PRCY Coin, And How Does It Work?

PRCY is a private blockchain that prioritizes security, liquidity, and complete anonymity.

The PRCY protocol is based on the latest privacy technologies. It includes an anonymous staking coin and payment system with a fully decentralized governance structure.

PRCY includes better privacy technologies such as Bulletproof, Haprocates Protocol, obligatory stealth addresses and transactions, Ring CT, and Ring Signatures in a staking chain. Staking, running master nodes, and mining PoA (Proof of audit) blocks are all feasible using PRCY.

Critical Features Of PRCY coin:

Some of the critical features of the PRCY coin are as follows:

  • RingCT, or “Ring Confidential Transaction,” combines an actual transaction with a set of false transactions. The amount of extra bogus transactions is determined by the Ring size. This implies that the actual transaction is concealed among a slew of fraudulent transactions, making genuine marketing and its value considerably more challenging to discover.
  • Bulletproofs are non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs that don’t require any trusted setup. They may be used to persuade a verifier that an encrypted plaintext is correctly formed. Demonstrate that an encrypted number falls inside a specific range without exposing anything else.
  • Stealth addresses are required. To conceal addresses, PRCY employs a dual-key mechanism to provide stealth addresses, and a private key pair yields a public address to view spendings.
  • Payment ID, which is commonly used by exchanges, may be used in a public address.

Benefits Of BPRCY Tokens:

Wrapped tokens have several advantages, including:

  1. Ownership is divided into fractions.
  2.  Settlement in real-time
  3.  The capacity to program
  4. Transactions are now moving more quickly.
  5. The number of brokers is being reduced.
  6. Users manage the token via private keys, allowing for decentralization.
  7. Complete and total transparency
  8. Trading 365 days a year, trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PRCY Team:

Every single member of their staff exemplifies the Privacy Coin attitude of enthusiasm, ambition, and creativity. They are a group of energetic individuals that are passionate about blockchain-based digital money. They work together to deliver the most satisfactory quality experience while fostering devotion at every point of interaction.

The team is made up of ten people from all around the world. PRCY is a privacy currency with a hybrid chain of PoW, PoSv3, and PoA that aspires to be the most private and safe privacy coin on the market.

The goal of the PRCY coin is to make a system the new gold standard for privacy currencies. The PRCY team addresses the problem of privacy coin trust and administration as follows:

  1. The public will be able to see the total quantity of PRCY project coins and their activities.
  2. Every quarter, the team discusses their efforts and shows the project’s currency balance.
  3. The allocation is given as a starting point upfront.

Where to Buy PRCY coin?

Are you looking for a place to buy PRCY? We got you covered PRCY is now available for trade on an increasing number of exchanges, with both cryptocurrency (BTC) and stable coin (USDT) pairings, and is also listed on Safeswap.

PRCY has been listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges and SafeSwap. But it cannot be purchased using fiat currency, unlike other major cryptocurrencies.

However, you may still acquire this currency by first purchasing Bitcoin on any fiat-to-crypto exchange and then transferring to an exchange that trades this coin.

What is the Privacydex

Privacydex is a completely private and decentralized exchange that takes your privacy into consideration during every moment that you are interacting with the Privacydex protocol. Made by a group of experts who are behind the PRCY Coin the Privacydex provide a high limit of trading options including trading pairs that connect to multiple blockchains at all times. Find some screenshots of the Privacydex below.

SafeSwap Online™And PRCY Coin:

SafeSwap Online™is a staking platform that came together with the PRCY coin, but the staking will be available for the wrapped version of the PRCY coin that is BPRCY Token.

What is a wrapped token? A cryptocurrency token whose value is tied to another token is wrapped. The wrapped version of that token can be generated on another blockchain, but because the original asset is placed in a wrapper, it creates a digital vault, so that token is termed a wrapped token.

BPRCY tokens can be used on SafeSwap Online™.In the case of SafeSwap Online™, such tokens can be used instead of non-native PRCY assets — tokens created on other platforms – to ensure compliance with the Ethereum token standard. They can then be purchased, sold, or utilized for various reasons, including yield farming (lending your funds in exchange or fees in crypto).

What Is the Aim Of This Wrapped Token?

All blockchains work differently and have different functions. On the other hand, that does not allow you to look into what’s happening on other blockchain networks. Innovations in the digital currency market have changed it all with the latest BPRCY wrapped tokens.

It’s tough to understand what’s going on with another blockchain, but they created additional bridges between various blockchains with BPRCY Wrapped tokens. BPRCY Wrapped tokens solve this restriction and allow non-native assets to be used on a blockchain.

Staking Of BPRCY Wrapped Token On SafeSwap:

SafeSwap Online™ created its very own staking platform that allows BPRCY tokens to be staked. Safe Swap online makes this on its platform to provide it as a service to the users and an alternative source of passive income worldwide for a long time to stake the cryptocurrency.

SafeSwap is a cryptocurrency that works similarly to the US dollar. It is digital and employs encryption to govern the production of currency units and verify cash movement. Now Staking for the Wrapped PRCY token BPRCY was recently made available.

BPRCY is currently available in Safeswap Online’s pre-listed tokens and on the SafeSwap Online™ Staking Platform. BPRCY can be staked in a variety of other pools as well

Staking is a notion you’ll hear about a lot if you’re a crypto investor. But what exactly is cryptocurrency staking, and how is it connected to PRCY coin?

Staking cryptocurrency is the practice of committing your crypto assets to a blockchain network to sustain it and validate transactions. It’s a method of verifying transactions in various cryptocurrencies, and it allows users to earn rewards for their holdings.

It’s compatible with cryptocurrencies that process payments using the proof-of-stake methodology. SafeSwap Online™ is a staking platform that provides a proof-of-work approach. Now that SafeSwap™ partners with BPRCY regarding the staking arrangement, this will be great for both of them.

Before talking about their partnership, let’s get to know more about these two.

Benefits Of Being Listed On Safeswap:

This partnership will be beneficial for both parties. SafeSwap Online™ provides the most exemplary security in the industry and verifies the projects it promotes. As for now, that PRCY has been listed in the SafeSwap Online™ list confirms its credibility. It is a sign of status and professionalism that will speak for themselves and help investors recognize them.

For BPRCY coin, after being listed on SafeSwap Online™, gained industry clout in just the beginning. The exceptional marketing benefits that come with detailing on the SafeSwap Online™ exchange add to the status of being listed. SafeSwap Online™ Staking lets you earn incentives effortlessly – all you have to do is hold your tokens on the exchange.


PRCY Wrapped tokens will aid in the construction of new blockchain bridges. A PRCY wrapped token is a tokenized version of an asset that exists on a different blockchain. Compatability in the bitcoin and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystems, such as the SafeSwap Online™ platform, is aided by this. PRCY Wrapped tokens pave the way for a world where capital is more efficient, and apps may readily share liquidity. Staking is an excellent approach for cryptocurrency investors to put their money to work and earn interest and incentives.

Furthermore, it may allow you to participate in the governance and certification of blockchain networks, which may interest certain investors. The partnership of PRCY coin and SafeSwap Online™ staking platform has made crypto easier for those who want to earn money through digital marketing.

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