Portify – Social Media on the Blockchain

The project merges trading and other DeFi concepts with a social media platform titled Byte.

Introducing Portify

For anyone who is tired of navigating different Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms to keep track of all your assets, we now have a solution: the world’s first SocialFi platform. For the first time ever, Social Media will be meeting DeFi, offering a place to track, stake, swap or share your purchases and interact with a diverse community of traders, investors and holders. Portify is a platform specifically tailored to provide its community of users with practicality, simplicity and intelligence. 

What is Portify?

As a one-stop platform, Portify aims to simplify the process of keeping track of all your assets while staying on top of developments through a large social network. Connect your wallet to Portify’s platform to create your own personalized portfolio and be ready to easily track your holdings and interact with a great community of users. Gain insight into other people’s trading behavior and discuss your next move on Portify’s Social Media platform ‘Byte’.

Version 1

Later on this month, the first version of Portify will be published, officially birthing the world’s first SocialFi platform. This version allows users to connect their wallets to create their own personal portfolio, which can be used to trade, swap, stake and track their holdings from several different platforms in one place. You can view your historical token purchases and track when you swapped your token and for what price. This first version also includes a multi-decentralized exchange swap, which gives our users the opportunity to find the best possible price. 

Version 2

After version 1 launches in October, users don’t have to wait long for the second version to come out, which will be launched at the end of the year. This second version of Portify will prove why crypto space needs a combination of Social Media and DeFi. Users can create their account and choose whether they want to make their portfolio public, which will then appear on their profile for other users to see and interact with.

The main event of this version is going to be the launch of Portify’s very own Social Media platform called Byte. Byte is a decentralized Twitter-like platform where traders, investors and holders can share posts (bytes) and interact with other people’s bytes. The more popular a byte becomes, the higher the chances of increased revenue. Therefore, it is beneficial to be active on the platform. 

Besides the option to follow other profiles / portfolios, you can stay up to date to any new developments in the crypto scene and track other traders. To make it easier for you to know who to follow, Byte offers a categorization system labeling portfolios as cryptocurrency whales, holders or swing traders, to name a few. Additionally, in order to improve productivity and growth, Byte tracks top gainer and low gainer portfolios and look-a-likes to keep its users up to date on their progress. 

Version 2 supports two new chains in addition to Binance, which are Ethereum and Polygon. It also offers the possibility to show Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the platform and will have more Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) and liquidity pools integrated into the platform. 


Portify’s developers will continue to improve the platform, which includes plans for the future. In 2022 a mobile application will be published, making the process of tracking and trading even easier and more accessible, eliminating the need to check any other apps to track your holdings. In addition to Binance, Ethereum and Polygon, Portify aims to support a wide variety of other chains in the future such as Avalanche and Solana. 

Be a part of the first ever SocialFi platform by keeping track of any developments and announcements through the following socials:




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