Portify Schedules Date to Launch First NFT Collection

Byte-me NFTs is a collection of very social and easy-going characters who are described by the team as unique and are set at a limited number of 500 — consisting of 250 males and 250 females.

500 Social Character NFTs

Portify has announced that its non-fungible token collection, Byte-me, which will go live on June 3.

The decentralized SolcialFi platform recently announced the date through Twitter on May 18 stating that the collection will be limited to 500 NFTs. As per the Portify NFT platform, Byte-me’s are very social and easy-going characters who enjoy their time with each other, with the NFTs including 250 males and 250 females. There is no whitelisting, and each NFT has a price of 0.2 ETH with a hard cap of three NFTs. 

“The team is really excited for Portify’s first NFT drop Byte Me. We wanted to make the NFTs as unique as possible and give them a personality. We have worked closely with the artist to achieve this goal,” Pokerface, co-founder of Portify, told BSC News. “The drop will be our first venture into the Ethereum chain and the NFT space. Since Portify is a multi-chain platform, we would like to celebrate each integration with a small NFT drop to our community. The goal is to create a great ecosystem around our native token and our SocialFi platform — Byte.”

You will get the following benefits as a  Byte-me NFT holder:

You’ll get access to Portify Byte’s premium features (multi-wallet tracking and chain tracking.)

The verified Byte-me NFT will enable users to earn special titles. 

Access to all Beta testing phases regardless of the amount of Portify tokens you own.

Depending on the rarity of the NFT it will be pegged to a certain amount of Portify, ranging from a minimum of 25 $PFY (The Portify native token) to 150 $PFY. 

You can tip on the platform and get tipped with zero commission.


The first NFT collection will be launched on the Ethereum chain and listed on OpenSea. Portify mentions that NFT miners need the benefit of aftermarket, and that’s why they’ll be starting on the Ethereum chain since the market on the BNB Chain isn’t ‘big yet.’ Users of the Ethereum chain and the BNB chain can join the Portify platform via its Ethereum bridge.

Portify’s platform was made available to users on April 3, following the completion of V2’s first testing phase. Portify updates its platform regularly and aims to start implementing Defi features soon. Learn more about Portify in this Medium article here

What is Portify:

Portify is a DeFi platform that allows users to track a wide range of things. With Portify, users will view all of their wallet information in a portfolio. In addition, the historical data of your token purchases will be available, allowing you to instantly track when and for what price you swapped your token. The Portify platform will also track staked tokens, allowing users to see how much they have staked and how much profit/gain they have made with their investments over time. At first, this will be limited to BSC, but other chains will be added later.

Where to find Portify:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram 

‍Source : bsc.news

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