Popular Rapper, Soulja Boy, Aims Sights on Bitcoin After Making “Millions off Crypto Currency”

Some rap figures build their empires through mixing movies and music, Soulja is turning to crypto and gaming.

Top Rapper Hypes Top Crypto

Soulja Boy is hoping that Bitcoin cranks and rolls. The rapper famous for the 2007 hit dance song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” has taken to social media to hype the top cryptocurrency over the weekend.

Already known for his involvement in several shit coin and shilling campaigns, Soulja Boy claimed to have made millions from crypto. The crypto rapper went on Twitter this weekend to pump the top coin around: Bitcoin.

“Best crypto out right now? I say #Bitcoin,” he tweeted on August 15. 

The price of Bitcoin currently sails above $45,000 and continues to pace the whole market as a general store of value. Soulja Boy sees the continued potential too. 

With over 5.3 Million Twitter followers and a #1 record to his name, Soulja Boy has begun to build a media empire. While sporting a golden grill and possessing a musical background, the rapper has found a new niche as a branding and marketing figure for cryptos. 


Not a One-Hit Wonder 

Soulja Boy’s big hit came over a decade ago, but the rapper continues to find ways into the headlines. After instigating one of the hottest dance fads since the Macarena, he is known for causing numerous feuds and his constant banter online. Soulja is always hitting at other rappers and shilling coins with his social media accounts.

His Wikipedia page details his numerous feuds with rappers, including Ice T, Lil’ Bow Wow, and Tyga. Soulja’s latest song takes a direct swing at Lil Bow Wow with the title “Bow Wow vs. Soulja Boy.” The teaser trailer features some choice words for Bow Wow.

But it’s not all negative from Soulja. The rapper posts inspirational quotations on Twitter and even promotes cryptos with great causes. Recently he promoted Orion Initative, a project that takes on the battle of childhood cancer. 

“On some real shit, everyone needs to go check out @Orion_defi and make a difference. All donations go to #ChildhoodCancer research. They gonna be the next poocoin with the charts they released today. Join the telegram and see what tha hype is about. t.me/orionfinancial,” Soulja put out on Twitter August 13.


Glad to see the rapper out here bringing solid projects some attention – well maybe not all projects. It’s one thing just to hype up Bitcoin and publicly feud with celebrities, but at least Soulja works on projects with some moral worth. The meaningful projects make him not just a one-hit-wonder but a crypto figure to pay attention to.

Source : bsc.news

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