Pong Heroes Partners With Sydney Houston Group to Host GameFi Event

The Gamefiganza event was aimed at promoting awareness of Gamefi projects and to attract new players into the Web3 space.

Gamifiganza: Play-To-Learn GameFi Campaign

Newly launched BNB Chain game Pong Heroes hosted a Play-to-Learn event called “Gamifiganza” for GameFi projects and players within the Web3 ecosystem. The event was hosted in partnership with project advisor Sydney Houston Group.

“We have been really impressed by the GameFi projects that are here building in the bear market. Amazing teams doing amazing things, and of course we have a few GameFi projects we work on or advise as well,” Melanie D., Strategic Advisor to Pong Heroes told BSC News. “So we wanted to put together an event to highlight the gaming space and just invite and reward people for learning more about the games.”


Melanie D. is a co-owner of Sydney Houston Group as well as BNB Chain game Coinracer, which is among the BSC News NFT partners.

The Gamifiganza event took place Sept. 28 on Twitter Spaces and was supported by 13 GameFi projects across multiple chains, including Big Time (a AAA Certified Game), Homie WarsCrypto Fight ClubCoinracerBlockstarsAstroMustMeta CreedArena GamesOrigin HeroesSafrooticsPong HeroesThe Neighbours and Undead Blocks.

She said every project donated to a prize pool for 20 winners, with the top 5 receiving something from every project.

What’s Next for PlayToEarn?

A recent story from BSC News explored how PlayToEarn has changed since the blockchain gaming boom, with several new GameFi projects adopting more sustainable in-game economic models.

Melanie D. said, “We are seeing incredible projects building right now, with a new wave of GameFi that is sustainable and focused on the concepts that will make the space successful in the future: the first of which being games that are just plain fun to play.”

Source : bsc.news

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