Polygon Becomes Bronze Sponsor In 8-Week Hack Africa Hackathon

The sponsorship will help inspire developers to come up with blockchain solutions that will benefit Africa.


On June 14th, Encode Club announced on their Medium that Polygon will be a Bronze Sponsor of Hack Africa. The 8-week hackathon began on June 15th, and will be separated into two 4-week legs – learning and hacking. Specific details about the challenges and prizes on the Polygon track were not fully included, but will most likely be released as the learning stage moves forward.

The Rise of Polygon

Polygon has been a constant topic of discussion in blockchain circles recently, but for the right reasons. The platform developed a solution that cuts down on Ethereum network’s gas fees and latency. Polygon enables developers to deploy Ethereum-compatible chains and leverage Ethereum’s utilities without its bottlenecks. Major existing DeFi protocols such as Curve and Aave are now deploying on Polygon. This has led to more than $8 billion worth of digital assets being moved over to Polygon from other competing platforms. These factors indicate Polygon’s growing relevance in the blockchain industry. Polygon does not limit its relevance to the existing blockchain industry, however. It also supports upcoming developers and coders in their efforts to launch their new products. 

What Is Hack Africa?

Hack Africa is arguably the largest African-focused hackathon. It is organized by Encode Club – a community of blockchain enthusiasts comprising university students, developers etc. The vision behind Hack Africa is the building of a robust African blockchain community that will foster blockchain solutions tailored to Africa. This year’s event is the sixth in the series and is being organized in partnership with another African blockchain enterprise, Web3Design.

Who Is The Target-Audience?


Participation is open to anyone, whether based in Africa or elsewhere. The only caveat is that each participant’s blockchain idea or solution must be African in focus, hence the overall theme. 

Participants are allowed to work in teams of 1-6 members. They are expected to present original ideas and resolve technical challenges that the event’s sponsors will bring up to test their skills. 

Details Of The Event


Here is a breakdown of the event as contained in this bulletin from Encode:

Hack Africa is scheduled to run for 8 weeks, from June 15 to July 25, 2021. It started this week on Tuesday 15th June.

Registration for the program, which commenced on June 15, will be open until July 19. Intending participants should register here.

The 8-week hackathon will be structured into two halves: 4 weeks of learning from June 15 – July 18, and 4 weeks of project building from July 19 to August 15. 

Judges will assess all project works for 3 weeks between August 16 and September 5. Hack Africa will then have its grand finale on Tuesday, September 2021. Encode has earmarked $5,000 as prize money for Hack Africa in addition to prizes from the sponsors of each position. 

Last Words

Much focus is coming to Africa as far as blockchain development is concerned. Many initiatives to deepen blockchain/DeFi development in Africa have taken place, including one by Binance that is currently ongoing.

Polygon’s blockchain framework is currently a vital solution to Ethereum network’s gas and latency issues. The platform, by sponsoring Hack Africa, is making its contribution towards the development of upcoming blockchain solutions on a global scale.

Source : bsc.news

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