Pollo Finance: A Passive Yield Protocol Leveraging AMM and Algorithmic Stable Coin Technology

A passive income-generating system will continually traction due to its automated and seamless ways of earning. The Pollo system presents just this and aims to offer it to users in a secure and seamless manner.

What is Pollo Finance?

Pollo Finance is an advanced initiative that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. It allows for the generation of sustainable incomes in the digital world created by the team of Pollo Finance economic experts, which comprises Tetsuya Saito, a Ph.D. in Economics from the state university of New York Buffalo.

The project has solid features that add real value to its users and token holders for their prosperity.

Key Features


Basic income 

Yield Farming 


Stable CryptoCurrency

Project Components 

It derived its protocol model from a different range of Dex platforms like PancakeSwap. Its biggest inspiration is gotten from the chicken’s life as “Pollo” is the term for chicken in the Spanish language. It is an initiative that brings programmability and interoperability to its three core products; Yield Farming, Basic Income, and Vault.

Pollo Yield Farming: Yield farming provides users the ability to lock their tokens and earn rewards for such activity. It’s a mining program using liquidity that benefits the users over a determined period.

Users can already stake their LP tokens to earn POFI, the platform token that ties all activities together. There is a 0% deposit fee on POFI-BNB and POFI-BUSD LP; all other LPs stake in the pool attracts a 5% standard flat-rate fee.

Pollo Swap: Functions as the typical Automated Market Maker (AMM) operational on the BSC network.

This Dex allows users to swap across different markets and get access to liquidity staking using the swap feature.

Pollo Dollar (PDO): PDO drags its inspiration from bDollar, a successful algorithmic stable coin on the BSC network. Both algorithmic stable coins have the same unique features and properties. Share Pollo Dollar (sPDO) is a token that gives you the right to earn PDO with the same properties as the Share bDollar (sBDO).

Passive Income: Owning an sPDO gives holders the benefits of enjoying the seigniorage interests accrued to them. 

Other passive income benefits are also available on the Pollo BI, which has the; 


Shares platforms

Pollo Dollar has already been activated for use and has gained an impressive Total Value Locked (TVL) of above $5 million.

Pollo Vaults: The vault platform will enhance an automated passive earning ability for investors who do not have the interest to always click on the claim button. Earning will be automatic as the vaults use precious funds to gain compound interest. Pollo Finance will charge a small fee for handling your funds. Currently, users can gain double rewards for the following tokens;




PVL and more

Governance: Each Pollo protocol feature is designed to be left in the hands of Decentralized Automated Organizations (DAO). The protocol is currently being audited, and the roadmap plans now implemented, after which the governance protocol will determine further development of the platform.

Several updates for the platform are underway to protect users and keep the price of POFI from plummeting. Revenue sharing and a jackpot system that rewards POFI holders are in place to prevent the dumping of the tokens. Full details are HERE.

The maximum supply has reduced from 21 million to 500,000 PoFi. The purpose behind the reduction is to guide against inflation which could lead to a fall in the APR for the farming pool. By this action, investors can be assured that their earning and the tokens’ value is protected.

Enter the special April giveaway program. To celebrate the Pollo Basic Income opening, the team is running a special promotion where a total of 50 BNB will be given away. The promotions, which are primarily Tweet-based, also include a blog and YouTube reviews. For interested participants who want to take part in the reward program, follow the procedures listed HERE.


Token Name: PoFi

Token Symbol: $PoFi

Initial Mint: 40,000 PoFi (Pre-sales 36,000PoFi, Liquidity supply 4,000 PoFi)

Max Supply: 21,000,000 PoFi reduced to 500,000 PoFi

Reward Per Block: 0.5 PoFi (1 block is approximately 3 seconds)

PoFi Contract

Master Chef

Time lock


Q2 – 2 April 2021

Pollo Basic Income (opened)

Polo Vaults 

Q3 – Fall of 2021

DAO will commence (Pollo Finance will hand all operational authority to DAO)

Leveraged farm and NFT could be developed or issued.

The project’s roadmap plan is centered around the platform’s early success and once governance protocol is implemented it will be taken over by the community. Currently, the team is working on building out the DAO and pass the protocol over to the community. Once liquidity incentives are exhausted, vaults and Pollo Dollar will help generate passive income in a more automated approach.

Source : bsc.news

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