Polker Extends Staking, Establishes Refinable Partnership

Polker users now have more time to stake PKR with the extension.

Polker Team Decides to Extend PKR Staking

Polker began offering everyone the chance to stake their PKR on Ethereum on September 25th, 2021, and on BNB Chain on December 25th, 2021. Polker has now agreed to continue the two staking pools for three more months due to the team’s ongoing growth on early access and the game approaching completion. Polker has also achieved many of the goals listed in the roadmap, having finished four successful Betas and is now in the final development stages.

Users who have previously staked their PKR in the Ethereum or BNB Chain (BSC) pools do not need to withdraw or redeposit because the staking contract will be updated on a regular basis and they will continue to acquire PKR coins. In addition, the two staking pools currently possess around 30 million PKR tokens. As of now, Ethereum provides a 29% APY and BSC provides a 19% APY.

Early Access Expansion

As part of the next phase of their roll out, Polker has announced that they will be adding 1,000 more participants to the early access. Polker previously gave an early access edition of their game to 500 people. The 500 were thrilled to acquire exclusive ‘Beta’ Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and users were excited to get a sneak peak at the game before the launch roll out began. Now, the Polker team encourages anyone with a Windows PC and good hardware to contact them as soon as feasible if they applied for early access but were not picked at the start.

On March 21st, at 1:00 P.M. UTC, the Polker NFT sale (FCFS) on the GenShards Market came to an end. Every NFT sold is fully functional in the game and contributes to the overall goal of building the project’s ecosystem. Polker also attended the NFT Los Angeles event which was held from March 28th to March 31st, 2022.

About Polker

Polker is an blockchain-oriented poker NFT projectthat uses Unreal Engine 4 (the same tool used to create games like Call of Duty and Fortnite) to deliver a genuine gaming experience. Polker claims to offer an experience that is profitable, highly dynamic, and interactive in nature. It is founded on a tried-and-true fair methodology and TRNG technology. Polker is also not operating by itself either, having formed alliances with Polygon for its non-fungible tokens, and partnerships with Master Ventures and Chainlink as well. One of the most successful music celebrities of all time, Akon, also gave Polker a shout-out not too long ago.

Polker plans to partner with a number of prominent platforms and be linked with a variety of streaming channels that have sophisticated VR capabilities and stunning 3D characters, aesthetics, and digital environments. Polker has also teamed up with Refinable, and the official Polker NFT marketplace will surely play an important role in its broader ecosystem.

Polker aims to be one of the first blockchain NFT games with metaverse elements that is fully free to play and includes P2E capabilities. Within a year, the business will begin production on new games, with a focus on VR and mobile development in 2022. 

It looks as if Polker has performed admirably so far. There has already been significant progress, and more will be done during the year according to the tean. Ultimately, Polker is an interesting initiative that looks to captivate the crypto, NFT, metaverse, blockchain and P2E sector in an innovative and dynamic way.

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