PokerFi – Online Poker and Cryptocurrency Combined

The platform offers a seamless combination of the storied card game and decentralized assets.

Introducing PokerFi

Poker Finance (PokerFi) is a project that aims to provide innovation in financial transactions within live online poker. As a relatively unfounded concept in most online poker establishments, PokerFi brings the benefits of cryptocurrency to poker players.

PokerFi is a token linked to the BEP-20 network Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The smart contract has an innovative system of earning passive income proportional to the number of tokens the wallet has paid in dollars. You can buy and store PokerFi in your wallet, and for each transaction made, users will be paid a fee of 6%, where 3% is automatically distributed every 12 hours to all wallets that have more than 35,000 coins.

The Pillars of PokerFi

PokerFi was created based on three improved pillars, which are:

Improved Decentralized Finance (DeFi): PokerFi holders do not need to stake their coins to earn income as this is already done automatically by the smart contract in just having the coins in the decentralized wallet paid in dollars. The more transactions occur using the coin, the higher the passive income the contract pays.

Improved Deflationary Mechanism: PokerFi holders who want to earn only from the dividends do not need to sell their coins to make a profit. They would already receive their earnings in dollars and thus does not affect the PokerFi chart using the strategy of withdrawing their earnings.

Poker Games: The PokerFi token is a utility coin. PokerFi will be used on its own poker platform where it will only be used to pay for tournament registration, cash game entries and purchases within the marketplace and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) site, which are all tied to the blockchain.

The PokerFi token will be used as a means of payment in transactions during poker games, be it tournaments or cash games. Poker is a billion-dollar-a-year community, and we will be working to make some of these transactions possible on PokerFi.

How the Plans Will Happen

We are developing our online poker platform, where the programming area is already being tested. We will have a PokerFi wallet and there will be an exchange for PokerFi peer-to-peer transactions on that exchange.

The payment of the registrations in tournaments and cash games will be in PokerFi but the distribution of the prize in Binance USD (BUSD), a stablecoin of the Binance dollar. We will also market PokerFi products. 10% of all income generated through raking, the marketplace and NFTs will be distributed to the holders and paid in BUSD.

Why Play on PokerFi?

We are developing a platform of good playability with a premier rakeback offer. As the concentration of the company’s profits is on the transactions of the currency that will be used as a means of payment, we can provide high-quality freerolls for the same reason and we will give utility to the money of cryptocurrency investors. They can use their crypto balance and buy PokerFi to enjoy playing on our poker platform, which will be linked to the blockchain.

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