PlaytoEarn Project Binamon Prepares for First Land Sale With Gameplay Tease

The team released a short video teasing the features of their land gameplay on their website and set the date of the land sale on December 17.

Be an Owner Become The King

The digital monster metaverse of Binamon is gearing up for their first ever Land Sale through Binance NFT.

To hype their community for the upcoming land sale, the team behind the PlaytoEarn game built on Binance Smart Chain released a short video teaser on their website featuring what to expect once their land gameplay comes out. The official twitter account of Binamon announced on December 15 UTC the date they selected when to release Binamon Lands on Binance NFT.

“The start of Binance Smart’s Most Powerful Metaverse has begun. First Land Sale on @TheBinanceNFT. #BinamonLands will be released on December 17.”  Binamon announced through twitter.

The video focused on two aspects of the game, land terrain and arena battle. It opens up in a snowy forest before transitioning to an arena battle scene. The texts “Be an Owner”, “Collect Taxes”, and “Increase Your Power” flash at the start of each scene of the teaser – suggesting that land gameplay affects your earnings potential and battle ability in the metaverse. 


Binamon will also be joinging us for an AMA on December 17th at 7PM, so tune in for your very latest info.

What is Binamon?

Binamon is an ever expanding metaverse with the purpose of bringing to the Blockchain world an opportunity for gamers to learn, earn, and have fun. The game helps players earn through various ways, namely collecting, trading, farming, staking, battling, and playing. The game is ever expanding as it is set to introduce the planet A-LGC-Z1 (name to be changed by the Elite) which features a new type of Binamon, Planet Z1 Binamons! Visit their website to learn more about the project.

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