Play-to-Earn Games Continue to Flourish on Binance Smart Chain

After an encouraging summer of P2E development, Binance Smart Chain is continuing to reap the benefits of several projects.

Range of P2Es Performing Strongly

CryptoBlades’ rise has been well documented here on BSC.News, with the game dominating in terms of actual players and setting the blueprint for forthcoming projects. 

Establishing nearly 300,000 players in a matter of weeks was no small accomplishment for the CryptoBlades team, but it seems their performance has gone on to inspire other Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Play-to-Earn (P2E) projects.   

“Since being listed on Binance over the last week our MBOX token holders increase to over a whopping 55,000 addresses!” Came the first update on MOBOX’s Medium after the exciting listing, and they have gone from strength to strength since. 

MOBOX Has taken the reins in recent weeks, with volume and transactions flying up as people get to grips with the game.


BSC Encouraging Prospective P2E Projects

The past seven days have flourished for MOBOX as DappRadar lists their users going up over 140%. The quickly moving figures also see MOBOX slip past the earlier dominant CryptoBlades regarding 24-hour users volume. This shift may well be an indication of the fact that CryptoBlades has a worthwhile challenger. 

For many, MOBOX’s recent performance and the additions they are trying to introduce to the space will have an energizing effect. While CryptoBlades set a standard at the beginning of Summer, many will take heart from MOBOX and perhaps even look to replicate its success. 

This development would be ideal for Binance Smart Chain who is invested in creating a space where projects compete and push one another, all for the benefit of crypto holders. The coming Most Valuable Builder III from Binance will hopefully highlight several growing GameFi projects on the chain.


What is MOBOX: NFT Farmer

MOBOX is a gaming project that has created infrastructure that builds on the growing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem and combines it with gaming through unique NFTs. MOBOX uses Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and NFTs to give players the best opportunity to the game and earn. 

The GameFi infrastructure, they claim, will not just find the best yield strategies for users but also generate unique NFTs that can be used across a multitude of games. The play-to-earn experience is made as simple and enjoyable as possible. 

A series of games are available whereby users simply enjoy a savings account that they can add and subtract from based on their gaming performance. The more you earn, the more gaming heroes users will be able to invoke.

Through providing liquidity to certain ‘CRATES’ (pools), CRATE contracts will automatically provide optimum yield for users by utilizing optimal yield farming strategies.

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