Play-to-Earn Game My Neighbor Alice Garners Social Traction As Playtesting Approaches

Social interest in My Neighbor Alice has increased as the community looks forward to trying out the game.

The Interest Grows

Blockchain play-to-earn game, My Neighbor Alice, has recorded an increase in its social metrics. The leap in Alice’s social perception was evidenced by a new 100,000 milestone in the number of its Twitter followers.

“WOW! Thank you to our 100K followers. We look forward to building this community even stronger… Cheers and hugs!” the platform tweeted to celebrate the feat and paid tribute to its growing community on August 23rd.

What Is Behind the Growth In Numbers?

The public sale of the platform token, ALICE, was launched in early 2021. Since then, My Neighbor Alice’s play-to-earn blockchain game has been under active development. But on August 19, the platform revealed the date the community would try their hands on the game.

“It’s finally coming, Neighbors!! On August 31st, MY NEIGHBOR ALICE pre-alpha version will be open for playtesting… See you soon,” the team tweeted.


In a Medium post on August 19, the platform gave more details about the playtest. To take part in the playtest, a participant needs to meet these criteria:

have a Steam account

have a Chromia account

be a holder of $ALICE tokens.

Here is a manual showing how to take part in the test.

Play-to-Earn Gaining Momentum

The recent bearish tendencies in the crypto space notwithstanding, the play-to-earn ecosystem is experiencing a boom. A couple of play-to-earn platforms such as Axie InfinityCryptoBlades, and Faraland have posted record figures for total value locked and market capitalization.

Play-to-earn has brought entertainment into the earning potential of blockchain, and the community is loving it. My Neighbor Alice may step into the success-shoes of its predecessors if it can grab and sustain blockchain gamers’ appeal.


About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is an NFT-based blockchain game in its final stages of development. The game features a farm setting where players can buy and develop virtual lands. 

Alice’s playtest program will run until September 30. It will give the crypto-public a first feel of the game. After fine-tuning the game through a couple of tests, the main stable version of My Neighbor Alice is scheduled for launch in early 2022.

Visit these official links to know more about the project:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube

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