Play-to-Earn Game Mighty Catcher Offers New Rewards in Exclusive Missions

The live streaming crane game fills a unique niche as a BNB Chain GameFi platform.

Mighty Catcher Ramps Things Up 

Mighty Catcher, claiming to be the first crane game accredited on BNB Chain (BSC) GameFi, is giving players more play-to-earn rewards through missions. By completing these, players earn points towards unlocking special chests that contain Mcoins, the in-game currency, and shipping tickets. The unlockable chests replenish every week while the missions refresh daily, rewarding players who participate regularly.

Subscriber Bonuses

Players who are more serious about earning can avail of Mighty Catcher’s monthly subscription for about $8.70 USD. Weekly chests containing XPTC, a type of cryptocurrency, can only be unlocked by subscribers. 

Subscribers also have the ability to recycle or convert the physical prizes, gift cards, and vouchers they won in the game into XPTC, allowing players to boost their earnings.

Other perks of the monthly subscription include: increased rate of filling up the Catcha Charging Ring, a mechanic that automatically guarantees the game room’s prize when it is filled; the ability to rearrange the dolls in game rooms; the premium swing claw function that makes it easier to win; and three diamond tickets a day for use in exclusive game rooms, among others.

Mighty Catcher assures subscribers they can easily win back the cost of the subscription in about two to three weeks through the daily missions. These can be as simple as playing the game itself or sharing a video of your gameplay. 

The first chest containing XPTC unlocks at 30 points, giving the subscriber a coupon that is valued at about USD 2. The next chest containing XPTC unlocks at 200 points, which in total amounts to at least USD 4 within one week of completing daily missions.

Premium Package

For players who want an even larger payout, Mighty Catcher offers a premium bundle called the Play to Earn package at about $100 USD a month. This package guarantees players XPTC coupons just by logging in daily. Coupled with the monthly subscription, which is necessary to convert other prizes into XPTC, players can fully maximize their winnings from game rooms. 

Another prestigious prize players can aim for is Mighty Catcher’s time-limited Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These are rewards given to players who rank among the top three in the monthly leaderboards or through seasonal events.

Beginners are also welcome to try the game for free. Newcomers to the crane game can polish their skills and master the mechanics of the claw to their heart’s content in unlimited practice game rooms. They can also play using the daily free tickets. Join over 200,000 Filipinos and more than a million players worldwide and download Mighty Catcher for free on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

About Mighty Catcher

Mighty Catcher claims to be the 1st live-streaming crane game in BSC GameFi. As a blockchain game with strategic elements, you can earn XPT tokens through simple daily missions, skillful gameplay and other events.

With over 1 million players, Mighty Catcher claims to be the number one online play-to-earn crane game. It is also well known as a money-earning online crane game with low investment cost with guaranteed return in a short period. Enjoy multiple game styles with diverse difficulty levels fit for users from beginner, amateur to master. Get prizes with door-to-door free global shipping. 

Find out more about Mighty Catcher on Discord and on their Telegram group or channel.

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