Platform Introduction – How to play a game on Wall Street Games

Wall Street Games’ blockchain gaming platform is introduced, covering all facets of the concept with some excellent infographics and images from the website.


Wall Street Games is a next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform where users compete in entertaining and addicting easy games for cryptocurrency prizes!

Two players compete in skill-based games. It’s as simple as linking your wallet to the website, selecting your preferred cryptocurrency to use as the wager, and picking how much money you want to play with!

The platform is being created by experienced blockchain and game developers who have previously worked for well-known and very successful global gaming businesses, and they are taking their distinctive vision to new heights.

They also have a referral system, innovative ways for users to make money, and a VIP group! Exciting and addictive games, NFTs, and much more are on the way.

How to play on Wall Street Games


Easy to learn, playable with as few controls as possible, short game duration, winner determined by highest score obtained, and a lot of fun to play.

Currently, there are 2 games launched on the site for users to play with: Coin Explorer and The Trader. Another game called The Roller is set to launch soon. 

Coin Explorer

This game will put your ability to detect a bad coin and avoid it by covering it with the best coin – BNB – to the test! The playing area is 7×7 squares in size. When you click a square, you’ll obtain a number. That number represents the number of bad coins that surround it. Finish the game by exposing the entire field, avoiding bad coins, and covering them with BNB! You earn 1 point for covering the right bad coin with BNB and 100 points for clearing the entire field!

The Trader

This game will put to the test your ability to quickly flip between buying and selling cryptocurrency in order to maximize your profits! Your character may go from purchasing to selling cryptocurrency with a single command. Be cautious because you must swap before the window of opportunity ends and you move on to the next spot.


By default, each participant can play 10 games each day. More games require the user to hold or bet a certain number of tokens in his/her wallet/on the platform. 

Holding $25 or more worth of WSG = +10 games/ day.

Holding $75 or more worth of WSG = +40 games/ day.

Holding $150 or more worth of WSG = +100 games/ day.

Holding $300 or more worth of WSG = unlimited games.

Please be aware that these regulations will be implemented in the future.


Game flow

The lowest bet to play a game is $5, while the highest bet is $100. The minimum deposit amount on the site is $10 in the form of the available tokens of your choosing.

The winner receives 94.5 percent of the total amount deposited.

If there are no referrers, 5.5 percent goes to the treasury fund.

5.0 percent goes to the treasury fund, with the remaining 0.5 percent divided among referrers.

If the win was caused by an opponent timeout, the player receives 90% and the treasury receives 10% (if the player has a referrer, 0.5 percent goes to him/her and 9.5 percent goes to the treasury). 


Referrals are unlimited.

Whether a match is won or lost, the referee receives 0.5 percent (or 0.25 percent if both players are referred).

Deposit Fee

All deposits are subject to a 1.0 percent deposit fee, which is intended to pay the blockchain network costs associated with starting the games and determining winners.


The greatest gamers on the site will get rewards from the treasury on a regular basis.


Ranks and the VIP Group are currently inactive. However, those will be included in the near future as the platform recruits more participants. Below information is for reference only. 

Your rank is determined by the number of tokens you own. Various benefits are available depending on rank.

Less than $500: Rank D

Less than $2000: Rank C

Less than $5000: Rank B

Less than $10000: Rank A

$10000 or more: Rank S

VIP Group

Players with a rank higher than B receive:

Access to exclusive Telegram chat

Lounge for bigger investors

Referral System

Each player may generate their own unique referral link, which they can then share with communities, friends, and other players to earn passive money from referral fees – 0.25 percent of the entire game prize pot — in perpetuity!

By clicking on the “Refer a friend” option in the menu, you may quickly access the website area for recommendations.

Achievements so far

They began with a pre-sale that was sold out and an IDO on Julpad.

Their project has only been up for a month and a half, but they have already been listed on numerous CEX and DEX, including PancakeSwap,, MEXC, BitMart, Julswap, Hotbit, and Bilaxy.

They have almost 10,000 registered users, 2k referral links, nearly 500 players on the site on average each day, and approximately $1 million in staking (Single asset and WSG-BNB pair on PCS).

Source : bscdaily

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