Planet ZUUD Quickly Eclipses 500 BNB in Sales

Planet ZUUD sees over 500 BNB in sales volume in less than a month.

Tiger Warriors to the Moon!

Planet ZUUD, a new platform for Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) on BNB Chain, commenced the mint of its Tiger Warriors NFT Collection on June 21. Less than a month later, the collection drew more than 500 BNB in sales.

The NFT collection consists of a unique set of hand-drawn collections of 2,222 Tiger Warriors representing one of the races living on Planet ZUUD.

According to the project’s whitepaper, Planet ZUUD represents an umbrella name under which the project intends to launch a series of hand-drawn NFT collections, with the Tiger Warriors being the first collection. 

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According to a July 9 tweet, Planet ZUUD told its community members that since the commencement of the Tiger Warriors NFT Collection mint, it had recorded over 500 BNB in sales volume.

Speaking on the milestone, the project’s Creative Director, Besir, told BSCNews:

“It has been three weeks since the Planet ZUUD journey began. In such a short period and under the negative market conditions, we are very glad to reach 500 BNB volume. It is proof that a project focused on creativity and innovation will always be attractive. We have built an amazing environment with our community. And as Planet Zuud Team, we are going to keep building and delivering products in this environment to our community. Once again, we would like to thank our community for their great support. We will be delivering more announcements to them soon. Stay tuned.”

At a floor price of 0.35 BNB, data from BscScan showed a total of 3,737 transfers executed since mint. Minted Tiger Warriors NFT Collection is held in 311 addresses so far.

What is Planet ZUUD: 

Planet ZUUD is a new platform for NFT collections on BNB Chain. The protocol is a world of a series of hand-drawn NFT collections, one of which is the first collection, Tiger Warriors NFT. Planet ZUUD will be the main brand of all NFT collections and other products in its ecosystem.

The first collection, Tiger Warriors, comprises 2,222 hand-drawn Tigers. Each Tiger Warrior has nine attributes: Cloth, Head, Body, Necklace, Earring, Mouth, Eye, Weapon, and Background.

Where to find Planet ZUUD: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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