PixelSweeper Kicks Off Exciting Week With Presale and Public Mint

The presale mint launches one day before the public mint, with 9,500 NFTs up for grabs.

PixelSweeper Minting Begins

The PixelSweeper Presale mint kicks off a week of events that began with a final boost of whitelist spots given to holders of nine Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects on the BNB Chain.

With the announcement and confirmation of the mints just a week prior through social media channels like Telegram and Twitter, the PixelSweeper team opened up for questions in a Twitter Spaces AMA on April 25 and will also join the Binance NFT Telegram for a second AMA on April 26 at 14:00 UTC. The PixelSweeper mints will be available at the project’s main website, Rareboard.comGaller.io, and Binance NFT, with the latter limited to only the public sale. The price for a PixelSweeper NFT will be ~$100 in $BNB, depending on the price on the minting day.

The PixelSweeper Minting Schedule:

April 25 – Twitter Spaces AMA at 16:00 UTC

April 25 – Snapshot of Whitelist entries 1 hour after Spaces AMA 

April 26 – Presale mint opens at 14:00 UTC 

April 27 – Public mint opens at 14:00 UTC

April 27 – AMA on Binance NFT Telegram at 14:00 UTC

The PixelSweeper project begins its much-anticipated mint, for it looks to sweep the floors of popular NFTs and boost the entire BNB Chain. However, having only 9,500 PixelSweeper NFTs available for mint, the project may sell out fast. There are nearly 1,600 members on Telegram, up from 500 in just ten days, and many users may make multiple purchases based on Snapshot from Fab.

 All pre-minted PixelSweeper NFTs will be revealed on April 27 at 14:00 UTC. Here at BSC News, we’ll follow PixelSweeper’s release and progress closely.


What is PixelSweeper:

PixelSweepers is a set of 10,000 ERC721 3D NFTs on BNB Chain. 9,500 PixelSweepers will be available for mint. In addition, 500 NFTs will be reserved for marketing and the team. The project plans to sweep the floor on different BNB Chain NFT collections and redistribute those NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders. PixelSweeper NFT holders will eventually be able to vote on which NFTs will be purchased to be added to the PixelSweeper Pots. 

Where to find PixelSweeper:

Website | Telegram | Twitter |

Source : bsc.news

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