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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to another wonderful AMA with BSCDaily! I’m your host Daley and today I’m joined by Lupin Crypto and P. Srboljub from the Pirates World project

Greetings to you all! How are you feeling?

Lupin Crypto: Hello Pirates!!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be here at BSC DAILY! Excited to be here and to be able to share with this great community.

P. Srboljub: Welcome everybody, thank you for having us.

Cryptodaily Admin: ahoy captain!!! I’m excited for this AMA also And it looks like your community is ready haha

Lupin Crypto: Wherever I go, my pirates always accompany me to set sail on the 7 oceans!

Cryptodaily Admin: Man sure they do! you’ve got a great community there Lupin! Are you guys ready to start the AMA?

Lupin Crypto: Yes!!! Let’s start

P. Srboljub: We’re ready

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and the Pirates World’s Team? What are your past experiences? Are you fully doxed?

P. Srboljub: Welcome everybody and BSCDaily, thank you for having us again. We are fully doxed. We have no past experience in blockchain ecosystem development.  The lead developer has 12 years of experience in software development, is a systems engineer and has years of experience working in the banking sector.

The Pirates World team consists of a lead developer who manages multiple technologies known as Lupin Crypto who is the CEO.

A web3 developer currently in charge of the operations area COO who is Nathie.

An expert in the area of audio visual with audio visual experience and development in Unity, who is Thomas

A person in charge of the Economy area, who is Ciro.

A Marketing Manager, who is Ada

A Business Manager, who is PS.

A Unity Developer, Lunshey.

PS Business Manager, [3/29/2022 9:06 PM]


Cryptodaily Admin: So this is probably your first “sail” into the blockchain market and also the gaming industry yeah?

Lupin Crypto: With our own project, that’s right.

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s interesting to say the least, because I’ve looked at the game and it’s surprising how you guys can do this in your first venture into blockchain tech. So let’s talk about the game and understand why I said that:

Q2: What is Pirates World all about? Give us a little summary

Lupin Crypto: Pirates world is a project with a unique ecosystem and the game is only a part of it.

One of the aspects of Pirates World is to conform a whole Gamefi ecosystem through the Web3 where users can make with their NFTs different experiences, from playing and earning rewards, sell collectibles or buy them, have fun with mini games like the Kraken Games, also being able to sell any kind of digital asset in our GameFi Store and have players immersed in a completely decentralized Pirates World. The most ambitious stage of the project is to create a pirates metaverse on the Blockchain, where the player can do anything in their imagination, along with an economic system based on the real world.

The Pirates World ecosystem will be extensive and it will have special events such as Guild Wars as well as several different themed seasons per year where special ship and pirate minting events will be held with the possibility to get unique NFTs.

Also our Metaverse will have a land repair system called N.R.A.A.S. (NFT REPAIR AS A SERVICE), where owners will be able to offer NFT repair services to other users, generating passive income. In addition, marketing 3.0 will be implemented in different islands where there will be marketing  spots. Whether you are an influencer, youtuber or brand owner, your brand can be visible in our spots in the metaverse.

These Lands will be a representation of the first steps in the Metaverse of Pirates World. In the future, in the Metaverse, users will be able to navigate and travel through the different islands, participate in Guild Wars, special events, PVP systems, trading, adventure mode and much more.

We are also using other metaverses to promote our products, our GameFi Store will be in Decentraland and The Sandbox, In this way we can promote special collections of companies/projects or even characters from the gaming world.

Cryptodaily Admin: Dudeeeee, take your time to digest all these people!

Lupin Crypto: I don’t think they’re going to be able to digest how great our metaverse is going to be.

Cryptodaily Admin: It all sounds super exciting. The final phase where the Pirates World metaverse is released, it’s gonna be the bomb

Q3: What is the gameplay of Pirates World? What can we do?

Lupin Crypto: In Pirates world players are able to strategically build their fleets by acquiring pirates and ships. These pirates and ships have different levels of rarity that will give them an advantage when challenging expeditions to the mysterious islands. They fight battles, participate in a trading system on the islands, and at sea, they will encounter the colossal Kraken, who destroys ships and hurts pirates.  

Pirates World as an ecosystem will allow users to have fun in many ways, accessibility is one of the most important aspects of the metaverse, so players will have plenty of places to share with each other or demonstrate their differences on the seas in battles.  

Imagine clan war, BSC_DAILY clans fighting with BSC NEWS clans, hahaha

In addition, there will be mini-games on our Kraken Games platform and also in the Metaverse.

Pirate tavern fights, the famous BattleShips game but brought to the NFT world.

We have many surprises for the community

Cryptodaily Admin: So the game is going to be open-world? Am I going to control my own character (the captain) and command different ships/crewmates? Or it’s like third person where you control the ships only and cannot control the character?

Lupin Crypto: Exactly, Pirates World will be an open world.  There will be places where you will be able to enter PVP matchmaking either from the platform or directly from the metaverse. You will need a pirate to be able to walk around the main island, and if you wish to sail to other islands you can get on your ship and sail. Those who do not have their own Land, will respawn on our commercial island called Royal Gold Central Park.

Imagine finding all the brands, crypto projects and companies in the gaming world, selling their products, their services, sharing with their communities, it will be something incredible.

Cryptodaily Admin: So what about the minigame though, can we play it right now? What is the gameplay here?

Lupin Crypto: We have many ideas for mini-games. Currently we have released “Looking For Kraky” in our Kraken Games Platform. Hopefully for this Q2 we will be releasing what will be the pirate tavern where players enter into a sort of tavern fight, and those who randomly draw the highest number will burn the other NFT and win the entire RGOLD.  Only Rarity 1 pirates can participate here, it will be a method of burning and adding functionality to those low rarity NFTs. We will also have BattleShips, which will be like the board game, where you place your ships in positions and the other player must guess where they are to sink them.

For the metaverse we can think of many things, from ship races, last man standing for the R1s, a lot of things.

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens RGOLD. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of its use cases?

P. Srboljub: Royal Gold (RGOLD) is the native TOKEN of Pirates World, found on all 30 islands waiting to be claimed by players, Kraken permitting. The RGOLD is used to mint pirates and ships, buy/sell in the various Pirates World markets, Pirates’ Caves, Shipyards, create advertisements, special events, guild wars, Kraken Games and much more. In the future, RGOLD will be working cross-chain. This means that we will bring RGOLD to other blockchains, so that we can attract investors and users from all over the blockchain ecosystem.

Our idea is for the entire Pirates World ecosystem to run on the most popular and scalable blockchains. In this way we can give the user the convenience of choosing which blockchain they want to use our services with.

Cryptodaily Admin: So you’re only using the single token model for Pirates World?

Lupin Crypto: For the moment, yes.

Q5: What about Pirates World’s smart contract’s security? Are you audited? How can we trust you with our funds?

Lupin Crypto: Of course, Pirates World Ecosystem is developed under the best security standards, currently has contract auditing and KYC with SolidProof. Our Royal Gold token is audited by Solid Proof. In addition, the entire team has gone through the KYC process.

I think i have the links here, one moment

Currently the token has no owner as we have resigned so it is fully decentralized. Our platform uses Google Cloud technologies in a micro-services infrastructure using Kubernetes Clusters with GKE. This way we can offer a secure, fast and scalable platform to provide our users with a good service.

We use dedicated GetBlock nodes to connect backend services that consume blockchain resources for analytics and data feeds to provide RGOLD pricing in a decentralized manner through oracle technologies. In addition to this, our NRAAS (NFT REPAIR AS A SERVICE) system combines these oracle technologies to control the durability of the NFTs on our gaming platform and the system of passive income to the land owners.

Pirates World architecture allows a NFT minting without exploits, using the event-based architecture, in which once the payment is made, a node checks the payment and sends the metadata of the minting through a callback function which generates the NFT to the users, in this way we protect the NFT minting from exploits to the Smart Contracts, using the system used by Chainlink with VRF.

Pirates World has a micro-services and micro contracts architecture, which allows us to create a more secure, scalable and faster product. Our micro-services run on the Google Cloud, through GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) clusters.

The project implements the best of decentralized technology through the Binance Smart Chain and soon on the Polygon network, Ethereum, Avax and others. We make use of dedicated GetBlock nodes to guarantee 99.9% operability in terms of connecting services to Smart Contracts.

It also makes use of centralized technologies such as MongoDB, Google Kubernetes Engine, Memory Store with Redis which allows us to offer data transfer in a very short response time to our users.

Q6: A ton of GameFi and NFT Games out there in this market, what are your plans for developing Pirates World? Is this just a game or an entire ecosystem?

P. Srboljub: Pirates World being an ecosystem, allows the economic interconnection of each product offered to users. This allows the project to receive external money from these services and thus not be totally dependent on investors, allowing the project that in the future all the profits offered to users come from what is offered as a service.

Among the services offered by the project are:

Market As A Service through our GameFi Store, where projects or companies can sell their NFT oriented to the gaming world, being a cross-chain Marketplace we have no user barriers, so any user of the different blockchain will be able to market their product on our platform. Make IDO, INO, IGO. Everything collected by the fee is used to boost the project and in turn make BuyBacks, injecting liquidity and sending the RGOLD purchased to our Kraken’s Vault.

Advertising As A Service through our advertising system of our entire ecosystem, where our C2E, our gamefi store, our skins system and our metaverse are involved. The idea of Advertising As A Service, is that any company or project can make an advertising campaign oriented to the gaming world, NFT players and the crypto market through NFTs with skins of their brands, ads on our platforms, launchpads and commercial videos through the advertising lands rarity 3 as advertising in our metaverse and to publish special collections in the stores of the GameFi Store in Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Pirates World features an NFT durability system to protect the game economy and thus creating a recirculation system for your token. This durability system is optimized through our NRAAS, where landowners can offer NFT repair service to players in exchange for a fee paid in RGOLD and BNB, which BNB goes directly to the land owners, freeing them from any risk, and the RGOLD goes directly to our Kraken’s Vault.

The Kraken’s Vault is an ark used to store RGOLD, taking out of circulation the RGOLD that enter there and reducing the circulating supply. In this way we can guarantee a protection of the economy as this Smart Contract is the biggest whale of the project. The Kraken’s Vault stores stablecoins and BNB, which allows us to have more buying power in the market in case of falls and at the same time to offer financial services directly from this Smart Contract, such as using this liquidity to swap our users of the game, loans, etc.. These are functionalities that will be added in the future.

Lupin Crypto: Pirates World is more than just a game, it is and will be the result of all blockchain technologies in a single ecosystem,  where through multiple decentralized financial products, we will be able to offer services to a large number of users.

Cryptodaily Admin: This is what I was talking about earlier, Pirates World is impressively thought out that I’m surprised you don’t have any prior experience with blockchain. Every detail about different investment sources, how to get various companies to co-operate inside PW, as well as pathways to allow players to spend their tokens,…

Lupin Crypto: I have a lot of time in the crypto world and in the financial world, I think that mix has served me well in broadening my vision of where I want to take this company.

Q7: Let’s talk about sustainability, how is Pirates World offering players with a sustainable ROI? How do we profit inside the game?

Lupin Crypto: Pirates World offers multiple options for users to generate income.We like to provide users with multiple alternatives to generate income, so that they can choose the one they like the most or simply choose all of them. among them:

The RGOLD Staking which consists of a 67.2% APR. The C2E with an ROI of 20 to 30 days based on good strategies and the use of Poseidon’s Blessing, which protects the NFTs from the Kraken’s damage. The GameFi Store which allows users to speculate and earn RGOLD from the sale of NFTs. Kraken Games, which are mini-games where users can earn RGOLD. PVE and PVP which will soon allow users to earn RGOLD by engaging in battles on the 7 seas against other players.

The NRAAS system through lands, which is currently a land in 3 repair cycles, gives between 1500$ and 2500$ in BNB. Our Metaverse, where companies will be able to have their own museum or store to sell NFT or products, which will enjoy our payment gateway in order to obtain profits in FIAT currency, as well as players can use their cryptographic card to buy in stores outside the crypto world and within the commercial island Royal Gold Central Park. In addition to this, it should be noted that multiple blockchain will be used in the products of our ecosystem.

Q8: What can we expect in the near future in terms of partnership?

P. Srboljub: Pirates World has a unique system of creating partnerships. The initial partnership was achieved in a win-win combination to strengthen the business with partners every day. So far, we have become partners with many strong projects, such as Biswap, Chainlink, Bakeryswap, Gravis Finances, EvoDEFi and others. Our plan is to achieve even more partnerships in the near future and strengthen the project in this regard.

Q9: Where can we find out more about Pirates World?

Lupin Crypto: You can find everything about us on the following links, as well as join one of our channels where our kind moderators will explain everything you are interested in…

WEB : piratesworldnft.com/

Staking: staking.piratesworldnft.com/

GameFi Store: store.piratesworldnft.com/

Kraken Games: kraken.piratesworldnft.com/

TW: twitter.com/PiratesWorldNFT

IG: www.instagram.com/piratesworldnft/

FB: www.facebook.com/PiratesWorldNFT

Discord: discord.gg/q6fHauxm4c

Telegram: t.me/PiratesworldOfficialChatEN

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCZQS_O52XXlba0bYPn-kujw

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for this You better prepare some other Telegram channels in different languages, cause I’m sensing some huge prospect the Pirates World at the end of the 4th quarter

Lupin Crypto: Hahaha sure!!!

P. Srboljub: We’re just getting started

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Pirates World

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Lupin Crypto: Welcome to the Metaverse of Pirates World!!! Thanks to you guys!!! I hope you will join us in our voyage across the 7 seas.

P. Srboljub: Thank you for hosting us

Lupin Crypto: Thanks Daley!!! I will soon see you promoting your stories in our metaverse. Happy day to all.

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