Piffle Puppets Completes Merge to BNB Chain After Flirting with Ethereum

The Piffle Puppets NFT project from Baked Universe migrated to BNB Chain on Nov. 4 after originally launching on Ethereum.

Piffle Puppets Mint Goes Live on BNB

The Piffle Puppets NFT project went live on Nov. 4. The Piffle Puppets NFTs are selling for 0.3 BNB, and in true Baked Universe fashion there are 4,200 mints available.

The Piffle Puppets originally launched on Ethereum in an effort to attract users from that chain over to BNB Chain. The leaders behind Piffle Puppets and Baked Universe are strong advocates of the BNB Chain NFT community and are constantly looking for new ways to bring new users to the community.

“We’ve made a lot of connections on the ETH side that we wouldn’t have made otherwise, and still believe the future of Web3 is cross-chain,” writes Project Manager Liquid BNB on the Medium blog announcement from Oct. 20. “However, to fulfill the long-term vision we have for Baked Universe while maintaining core values, we’ve decided the best plan of action is to bring the Piffle Puppets home to BNB!”

Users who purchase a Piffle Puppets NFT will have the opportunity to take Blender courses from Nino DefoQ, one of the artists behind the NFT projects Gooodfellas and Baked Universe. Blender is an open-source 3D computer graphics software tool that is free to use.

The Baked Universe is known for its marijuana-inspired art, and the creativity – and fun name – behind the Piffle Puppets leaves no doubts. The dancing marionette characters showcase impressive art and fun-lovable character designs.

What is the Baked Universe:

The Baked Universe navigates its way across the blockchain utilizing the power of Education, Storytelling, and Cannabis. The project was born through the collective passions meeting at a Web3 crossroads. Top-of-the-line art signifies the quality of care users get through the Baked Universe. The Baked Universe is home to two NFT projects Baked Potatoes and Piffle Puppets.

Where to find Baked Universe:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Instagram |

Source : bsc.news

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