PiBridge Announces IDO of $PiB Token on Five Platforms

PiBridge will debut its token on five platforms at a cheap $0.01 price.

PiB IDO Announced by PiBridge

PiBridge has announced the Initial Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Offering (IDO) of its token, $PiB.

The IDO is set to begin at 02:00 UTC on December 29 and will debut on five different platforms––Onus, Ongate, FantomLive, BAMI, and PinkSale––for a price of $0.01.

The tokenomics show a total supply of 250 million tokens, of which 220M are BEP-20 tokens, plus 30M are to be deployed on the ONUS Chain. 62.5M tokens will be available during the public sale.

The launch will have a token vesting schedule for buyers to earn and incentivize buyers not to dump. There will be an initial Token Generating Event (TGE) of 10% plus nine months of 10% APY delivered on the first day of each month.

The exciting news from PiBridge comes on the back of closing its beta testing phase and pausing activity to prepare for the upcoming Pi Network Hackathon. The team also confirmed through Twitter that they are upgrading infrastructure to handle the expected increase in transactions.

What is PiBridge:

PiBridge is a hybrid all-in-one financial application platform combining both DEX and CEX models with multi-chain & cross-chain AMM, farming, lending, fundraising platform (launchpad), Event Tickets, Marketplace, Prediction, NFT, and more features. PiBridge will become an outstanding blockchain bridge that connects to other platforms such as commerce, economy, education, etc. All products will be developed with Pi Network as the base.

Where to find PiBridge:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | LinkTree |

What is Pi Network:

Pi Network is a mobile blockchain mining project on a mission to give everyone access to the cryptocurrency revolution. The project was founded by a team of Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who designed a mobile-friendly blockchain mining algorithm.

Pi Network has evolved over the years and has organized a hackathon, built a couple of working Pi blockchain apps, and is now in the final stages of transition to public mainnet.‍

Where to find Pi Network:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram |

Source : bsc.news

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