Pi Network & Spacepi Make History Together

Pi Network is a project designed to mine crypto on smartphones without the need for complex and expensive machines.

Origin of SpacePi

At present, the mining threshold of most major cryptocurrencies is so high that most participants are excluded. On March 14, 2019, Pi Network, the first blockchain encrypted digital asset that ordinary people can own at zero cost, was born at Stanford University in the United States. It was founded by three doctors, Nicolas, Vincent and Cfan.

In an interview with Vincent, one of the founders of Pi Network, a well-known media outlet said: “you can think of Pi as a new version of bitcoin re-imaged for 2019.”

Pi Network is to mine Pi on smartphones. It is a simple way to observe the daily accumulation of cryptocurrency rewards, so that people can mine and mine on mobile phones without investment, battery and traffic.

If the project can meet this challenge, Pi has a great chance of success when it is launched on the main network!

Since its birth on March 14, 2019, Pi Network has more than 50 million active members in more than 230 countries and regions around the world, and the number of user downloads is as high as 210 million. 

To celebrate Pi 2 day (June 28, also known as 6.28 = 3.14 x 2), the Pi Network project officially announced the Pi hacker marathon, which will be held from Pi 2 day to August 10. Community developers can participate in hacker marathons online, build a Pi application platform on the new Pi application, and show progress. The purpose of this activity is to promote the development of the Pi Network ecosystem and applicable procedures in ideal life.

SpacePi Technical Team

SpacePi technical team is located in Silicon Valley of the United States. The 11 members of the team are Pioneers of Pi Network. They come from the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong, China respectively.

As a Pioneer of Pi Network, SpacePi participated in the 2021 Pi 2 day hacker marathon and achieved excellent results with Picoindex app. Picoindex app ecology only refers to building the safest Pi Network data query tool and being a pure market tool on the chain. In this hacker marathon, SpacePi won the status of Pi Network ecological application!

SpacePi Eco link: pcoindex.com (support download app)

The SpacePi technical team believes that the value of Pi Network is jointly endowed by people and practicability all over the world! The purpose of SpacePi is to make the ecological application value of Pi Network wider and greater!

As a Pioneer, SpacePi promotes the belief and consensus, future and value of the Pi Network, and allows more blockchain players to understand and agree with the value of the Pi Network. The SpacePi technical team decided to deploy the contract in the BSC ecological chain. The chain building belongs to the sPiritual home of Pi Network, and its purpose is to give more spiritual sustenance to the majority of Pi Network members. Waiting for the main network of Pi Network to be launched, the SpacePi technical team will open the cross-chain mode to cross-chain members of the BSC ecological chain Pi Network to Pi ecological chain. A new way to open up a new currency road will be officially supported by the Pi Network. 

The Future of SpacePi

If SpacePi is successful in the BSC ecological chain, the global Pi Network will instantly understand that all your waiting is worth it. The developers believe that SpacePi will eventually convince those who actively belittle and ridicule Pi Network of its potential because SpacePi is only a part of Pi Network.

A single spark can start a prairie fire, unite as one, and the mountains will be flat.

“Look deep into your heart and find that all the miracles are in yourself,” Bacon once said.

The epidemic and the Russian Ukrainian war have accelerated the digitization process of the global economy, and the future will also belong to the era of blockchain digital currency.

“Resolute confidence can enable ordinary people to make amazing careers. Ordinary we will also make extraordinary achievements in front of the trend. As a Pioneer, SpacePi has moved forward!”

Source : bsc.news

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