Pi Network New Mining Begins with 3.14 Pi Day

The protocol celebrates three years in the industry with a new mining mechanism to offer users various mining rewards.

Pi Network Celebrates Pi Day With New Mining Mechanism 

On March 14, Pi Network celebrated its large userbase. With a digital currency that can be mined via an application, the protocol has now recorded 33 million users. In addition, the network launched a new mining mechanism to celebrate the milestone, allowing users to earn more mining rewards. 

Following the Pi Day celebration on March 14, Pi Network announced that the new mechanism would offer users the chance to receive mining rewards from numerous activities within the application. 

“Announcement. The new mining mechanism is here! Now Pioneers can receive mining rewards through network contributions such as Pi app usage, node operation, and lockup rewards,” Pi wrote on March 14 through Twitter. 


Pi Day represents the protocol’s third anniversary in the industry. The new mechanism on top of the large user base shows that the protocol has made solid progress in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Pi Network also promised more improvements in the future as we anticipate the $PI token’s listing on notable exchanges and its launch on the main network. 

“Happy Pi Day 2022! Today and this week we’re celebrating the third anniversary of Pi Network’s official launch by sharing accomplishments and announcements for features releasing today and beyond. Stay glued to Pi Network official channels to stay in the know! #piday2022,” Pi Network promised more features in a tweet on March 14. 

What is Pi Network? 

Pi Network is to mine Pi on smartphones. It is a simple way to observe the daily accumulation of cryptocurrency rewards, so that people can mine and mine on mobile phones without investment, battery, and traffic. If the project can meet this challenge, Pi has a great chance of success when it is launched on the main network. 

Where to find Pi Network:

Website | Twitter | Facebook 

Source : bsc.news

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