Philippine Web3 Summit Covers Working, Trading, ‘Living’ in Crypto

Web3 group is hosting a two-day summit to encourage the adoption of crypto in the Philippines, featuring speakers from various industry sectors.

Day One of Philippine Web3 Summit

Web3PH, a local group of Web3 leaders in the Philippines, have organized a series of panel discussions aimed at educating more Filipinos about Web3.

The country is most known for its Web3 scholarship programs. The team’s mission is to empower the next generation of builders, artists, and entrepreneurs, and help them prepare to enter the space. Day One of Web3PH Summit 2022 took place on Oct. 28 and featured three panel discussions, a networking session, and a pitching showcase.


“Massive success in turnout, positive sentiment as shown from social media posts and solid spirit of camaraderie within the community,” Christopher Star, Web3PH team member, told BSC News. “We welcome a lot of newbies and even got someone to have his very first NFT!”

The event kicked off with one of the team’s regular events, Cereal Entrepreneur, a morning networking session for builders in the local scene to connect over breakfast. The first panel discussion, Proof-Of-Work, focused on how to jumpstart a career in Web3 featuring speakers from different backgrounds who found themselves working in the space. The main lesson to learn from the talk is that you don’t have to be a tech person to find a place in this new industry.

“Web3 is basically a new space,” Cheska Gonzales, founder of Women Of Substance NFT, told the crowd. “I am a pilot by profession for over 10 years, but lost my job due to the pandemic. I took a deep dive into crypto and NFTs and was able to incorporate content creation with my learnings.”


The second panel featured trading experts sharing an underrated skill. Trade Secrets focused on the mental side of trading that people don’t often realize is a big part of a trader’s success. The speakers have expertise in both behavioral psychology and trading in stocks and cryptocurrencies.

“A lot of people that get in to trading immediately think of the tools they need to become a trader,” Celeste Rodriguez, YGG’s minister of information, said. “But the trader is the one using that tool. Trading psychology focuses on the person, and makes sure that the holder of that tool is prepared to make the right decisions.”


The last panel featured Metaverse builders and introduced the concept to the crowd. Present in the discussion was a renowned builder in Decentraland, the GM of popular Web2 game Ragnarok, and the co-founder of an upcoming metaverse, Ark Of Dreams.

“The metaverse is going to shape how we interact with our daily activities,” Nicco Viray, Co-Founder of Ark Of Dreams, said. “How we interact with brands and what we do on a daily basis. It’s going to revolutionize everything we do in our regular lives.”


The event ended with the pitching session, Mint and Greet, where five startups showcased their projects to prospective investors in the audience. Representatives from Just Gems NFT, Stanible, Metain, Frens Not Food Vegan NFT, and Finn Cotton NFT gave presentations on how their projects worked.

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