PH Web3 Summit Pushes Through Despite Heavy Rains

Five different panels spanning various aspects of Web3 pushed through despite heavy rains in the country as Web3PH Summit concluded its event.

Never Mind the Weather

Even tropical storm Paeng couldn’t stop the Philippine Web3 community from attending the concluding day of the PH Web3 Summit.

After a successful first day to the summit, the PHWeb3 team feared a drop in attendance as a major storm hit the country and cancelled many local events due to heavy rain. But the local community wanted to learn and the team ultimately decided to push through with Day 2 of the event on Oct. 29.


The event started with KYC: Know Your Codes, a panel that focused on the building blocks of developing blockchain projects. Speakers were leaders in the field of financial technology and blockchain, each contributing their experience gathered during their journey in building different projects.

“It was far from an easy journey for us,” Jeffrey Reyes, CEO of Twala, shared in Tagalog. “We encountered a lot of barriers. The main product we have is a digital ID. But while we were discussing it to our partner government agencies, they couldn’t understand the concept of the product. So we needed to frame our product in a way they would appreciate and relate to what it actually is and does.”


Giving the audience a glimpse of the experience of launching a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, Token For Granted featured a panel consisting of project founders in the local space.

“In our project, we focus on our vision. And our vision is to educate and onboard the masses to the world of crypto, investing, metaverses, and NFTs,” JockyGelo, founder of Bored Punks of Society, said. “There’s a lot of pressure in living up to the expectations of being first in the space. But with the help of the community, we’re able to stick to our vision.”


NFT art was the main focus of the panel Painting The Future, featuring a star-studded cast of influential personalities, including founders and artists alike. Most panelists aim to bridge the gap between art and Web3 through their projects.

“We work with very esteemed artists, like national artists, and onboard them in the Web3 space,” Sheree Gotoaco, founder of NFT launchpad Scarletbox, said. “Web3 is a new space that these artists might not even need, but the younger generation needs [to see their art] so it can be passed down to them. The works of these [bluechip] artists are very inaccessible to the younger generation.”


The next panel, Venture Forward, comprised representatives of VCs and other instructional investors. The aim of the segment was to give upcoming crypto projects a glimpse of how to fund their Web3 startups.

“The number one thing you have to think about is your purpose for raising the funds,” Ken Bassig, Head of Research of Megnus Capital, began by saying. “Do you actually need the money to expand? Because if you have a business model that is working, you don’t need to fund it further.”


Gaming The System was the last panel for the event. The panelists came from different aspects of blockchain gaming and imparted their knowledge and opinions on the future of gaming in Web3.

“The first principle for the Web3 game in the future is to build a very good game,” Jerry Zhang, CoFounder of Delysium, said. “[It should have] high playability and more complex gameplay mechanics to provide players with real gaming experience.”

The night ended with a networking session where the audience connected with the speakers from the various panels throughout the day.

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