Pet Frens Latest NFTs to Emerge From Frens Ecosystem

After Cat Frens, we have Pet Frens, a unique collection of hand-drawn pet NFTs. Holders will have exclusive benefits like staking and revenue shares.

Hand Drawn Pet NFTs

The Pet Frens team, formerly Cat Frens, launched a new set of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the BNB chain to provide the community with unique pet NFTs.

The team who earlier created Cat Frens recently released details about Pet Frens on May 3. The Pet Frens NFT minting has been live since May 8, 19:00 UTC  on the Pet Frens site with 6666 NFT in total and a mint price of 0.035 $BNB. Among these, 166 Pet Frens will be reserved for giveaways. The Pet Frens NFTs come in different forms: 

Team Bunny

Team Dog

Team Ape

Team Bird

All these forms will come with seven components that distinguish the different NFTs on offer:

Dress, Hat, Eye, Background, Back Item, Body, Mouth 

BSC News reached out to taylor_bsc, co-founder of Cat Frens, who shared with us more information about the ongoing mint: 

“More importantly, Cat Frens holders are the community’s pioneers and early supporters. 50% of the revenue from 6666 Pet Frens NFTs (Snapshot will be taken at 05.05.22 24:00 UTC to identify Pet Frens shareholders at Launch 05.08.22 ) will be shared directly with 3333 Cat Frens owners equally after minting. We want our owners to be Frens for life. We promised two months ago and now we are sharing what we have to offer.”  


Further, the team stated that holders would be able to stake their NFTs to earn rewards, with further details to be announced in Q2, 2022. Additionally, holders will also be eligible for early access and free airdrops in the future. As per Pet Frens, they are already in contact with major marketplaces in the BNB Chain ecosystem, such as, PancakeSwap, and TofuNFT, where users can list and trade their NFTs. Get more details about the Pet Frens in this Medium article.

What is Pet Frens:

Pet Frens collection is a collection of  6666 unique hand-drawn illustrations of birds, dogs, bunnies, and apes. Pet Frens collection also includes dozens of rare heads, costumes, and colorways of the artist’s palette. Pet Frens was created by the same team that created Cat Frens, a community-driven collection of 3333 unique, Cats-inspired NFTs built on the BNB Chain.

Where to find Pet Frens:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

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