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BSCNEWS hosts Pepemon, a digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets. All questions answered by pepeketchum (@pepeketchum) and Alex (@w00tcake)

KDOT (AMA Host): Hey pepemon Team, @w00tcake & @pepeketchum checking youre here

Pepeketchum: We’re ready 🙂

Alex: Here and ready guys! Glad to finally be able to connect with all the BSC bunch 🤜🤛

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing 🙂 Lets rock the boat!

Q1: Can You Give us an intro into your project? what is the project about, what are you trying to achieve etc.

Alex: Sure, i’ll take this one. Pepemon is a digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets. Our mission is to build a gaming ecosystem on-chain

Q2: Could we have an introduction of you and your team members?

Alex: feeling like walkie-talkie from back in the days

KDOT (AMA Host): haha 😀

Alex: So, our core team consist of 3 team members each one being THE person in his disclipline. 

You have @pepeketchum which is our Head of Design and almighthy Chief Design head, creating all those mind blowing card designs you can see on

Then we have another demi-god when it comes to code our CTO, which keeps things running smoothly and coordinate with our external developers so we can continue shipping new features for the platform, that’s Javamu

And then you have me, which i’m just a humble Product Manager which tries to plan and execute, keep the team focused and delivering on time.

Besides that we are working with 5 external (and part time) developers for new features on the platform, and i’m not sure, but last time we had even more designers working with us than devs

Can you confirm that @pepeketchum?

Pepeketchum: Yes, we actually have more than 10-15 external artists and designers working with us currently as we speak.

P.S.: if you’re an artist and would love to present your work in pepemon, please let me know 🙂

KDOT (AMA Host): wow nice!

Pepeketchum: We welcome everyone who wants to work with us, the community really loves our arts and I will make sure to improve as we progress!

that will be it from me.

Alex: yup, that sums up stuff pretty much

KDOT (AMA Host): amazing! love the passion 😀

Alex: we wouldn’t be here today, if it wasn’t for passion as Pepemon is 100% airdrop project 😉

Pepeketchum: you’re too kind :)))

Q3: When did you guys launch? Can you give a little history on this as i see you’re migrating from ETH

Alex: Great question, I think people were waiting for this one, as we are new to BSC space.

So we started Pepemon in October 2020, we launched on ETH, and we started exploring a ‘chain-agnostic’ path since early December – part because of the fees, but also because as we started working on the game it was clear we couldn’t do that on Ethereum chain.

We end-up testing multiple chains so far, but BSC was one of those chains that were requested by our community, especially as there’s already a growing ecosystem of NFTs happening here so people in our niche were exposed to it and wanted to own a Pepemon on BSC as well

Pepeketchum: *And just for the record, our Liquidity is provided 100% from the community, that means it goes to the BSC aswell. We all know the gas fees on ETH is currently inflated and not very efficient for the NFT industry is was also one of the reason we want to make this happen for the community

Alex, [23 Mar 2021 at 12:21:11 AM (23 Mar 2021 at 12:23:17 AM)]:

Pepemon’s Storefront – Come get your unique Gen1 Starter NFT’s now!

Alex: We launched our NFT Store in November 2020, we managed to sell around 2mil of NFTs so far in our own store with more than 140 Ether being traded between Pepetrainers on secondary marketplaces (Opensea) We have also an innovative way for our NFT holders to ‘evolve’ their cards, with NFT Evo Events, can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been working in the last 6 months and soon going to be available on BSC (okay, done now 😛 )

KDOT (AMA Host): Thank you 🙂 Really love how indepth you guys go! appreciate it! very insightful..

Q4: What are the usecases of holding your token $PPBLZ

Alex: Pepemon Pepeballs price, PPBLZ price index, chart, and info | CoinGecko

Get Pepemon Pepeballs price, PPBLZ chart in real-time, volume, market cap, exchanges and more.

Alex: Oh the Pepemon Pepeballs! I’ll let Pepeketchum answer this

Pepeketchum: Use case of PPBLZ is very simple, you stake it to get $PPDEX in a static APY (around 19 $PPDEX per $PPBLZ a year) 

Providing LP ETH-PPBLZ will give you double rewards and potentially increase the APY in near future on special events.

So what can you do with Pepemon and the incentives? (keypoints)

1. You buy $PPBLZ

2. You stake $PPBLZ

3. Earn $PPDEX

4. Buy our NFT with $PPDEX

5. Provide LP for ETH-PPBLZ to earn double $PPDEX rewards

6. Provide LP for ETH-PPDEX to subscribe to our premium (exclusive monthly NFT)

7. Trade & Sell NFTs

It’s very straightforward and thats it 🙂

Pepeketchum: Here’s a preview of our Christmas Special

Alex: Pepemon – Gotta farm ’em all!

Pepemon’s origin token is $PPBLZ. Holders can farm $PPDEX which is used to Claim NFTs. Card Game under construction where Pepetrainers will be able to use their NFTs battling others on blockchain!

Alex: Yes, we kept it simple and didn’t go bananas on creating tons of pools and such, you can see more of how things are working on 

The APY for staking single asset PPBLZ atm is around 113% which is why around 80% of all PPBLZ are now in staking contract on ETH (/DONE) 😛

KDOT (AMA Host): Thank you! so you have to earn a certain token to buy an NFT?

can you not buy the $PPDEX token?

Pepeketchum: Correct, and that is called $PPDEX, but yes you can also buy the $PPDEX straight out of the Uniswap

KDOT (AMA Host): OK mate sense 🙂

Alex: For those that are in for the long run, staking PPBLZ for free PPDEX is a no brainer, as NFT cards are keep getting released and you don’t want to buy PPDEX everytime you want to own a new one – better to get it for free by staking :p

Pepeketchum: I guess this is different to everyone, one who likes to farm and hold, one who just wants to buy our NFTs

KDOT (AMA Host): And will you be building a bridge for ETH users to bring the tokens over or will it be different tokens altogether on each chain?

Alex: We already have multiple bridges operating for our trainers to use on Fantom, Matic and BSC

Setup your wallet for BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

How to setup your wallet to trade Pepemon on BSC

For BSC we opted in for Burgerswap bridge

We are not planning to have different tokens on each chain as we don’t want to dilute the value of the tokens

Unless we are really going to be forced by some technical limitations

On BSC PPBLZ became bPPBLZ and PPDEX went bPPDEX (/done)

KDOT (AMA Host): Ah makes sense, just wanted to know what your plans were for BSC 🙂 but i see you have a bridge so yeh its all good 🙂

Q5: Have You been audited? If not, do you plan to have the staking contracts audited?

Alex: We have not been audited, but in the 6 months since we are operating we have created a fantastic network of talented external developers that are peer-reviewing our work before it goes live.

Personally I don’t really trust the current business of ‘auditing contracts’ because we’ve all seen in the past, even audits are not 100% safe.

So we took another path on this one, and decided to hunt for great talent and offer them bounties for reviewing our code. 

LE: Just to be clear here, we have ‘rug proof’ our contracts by always burning the minting keys and building liquidity from the community rather than doing pre-sales or LGE type of events. It makes the community trust us more this way, and it works so far.

KDOT (AMA Host): Fair point! Yes i like the bounty idea 🙂

Q6:  Do you have a roadmap or long term plan in place?

Alex: @pepeketchum is the roadmap wizard ^^

Pepeketchum: Before that, some of the things I’m about to say may not be in our public roadmap. After making the game, we will continue to develop the game, and make more games (we don’t stop with just one), making merc and our NFT embedded with links to the original digital art and eventually Physical art, and lastly something that we have been dreaming on is to provide a platform for NFT lovers to be able to Buy, Sell, and Trade.

We really want to make this happens, so I wish our community will continue to support us as you can. Let’s work together!

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing! Yes BSC hasnt got an official marketplace yet.

Pepeketchum: Shhh..


KDOT (AMA Host): 😀

Q7:  lastly our famous question, do you have any alpha or juicy news that you can share with us on BSC News today?

Alex: Our NFT marketplace partner on BSC is Treasureland but when we say trade – we really mean that trade experience you got in your childhood when you were trading Pokemon cards one-on-one 😉

KDOT (AMA Host): ooohhhh!!

Exciting 😀

Amazing news 😀

Alex: Juicy news @pepeketchum, do we ‘leek’ the alpha?

Pepeketchum: Which one?

Alex: Leek is our cute degen nickname for our announcement channel which you can find here

Alex: There’s a couple indeed

KDOT (AMA Host): haha teasing 😛

Pepeketchum: I will let you do the honor @w00tcake 😉

Alex: Haha, okay let’s start with this one – so the reason our dev didn’t join the AMA is that in the meantime he gets to work hard 😢 – but as always bring amazing things to our community – like… that our NFT Store is now live on BSC with a new an exclusive series for BSC users 😱

Check out (please don’t crash our servers)

KDOT (AMA Host): hahaha! Nice!

Thank you! Please share all the relevant links to pepemon, for the community to learn more.

Alex: The series on BSC is a re-interpretation of our Gen. 1 Pepemons – which are currently on sale on Opensea for around 1 ETH each – you can grab one from our Store in 2 minutes for 1 BNB each


Our official links:










Alex: @pepeketchum can you give the spill the beans on the other Alpha ser?

KDOT (AMA Host): love this

Pepeketchum: again, which one?

Alex: The part with the game, we didn’t really touched much on that

People must be wondering by now when and where they can use those cute Pepemanders to duel other trainers on blockchain

Pepeketchum: Ah, the beta release?


I’m just gonna say it’s coming sooner than expected.

KDOT (AMA Host): haha

Pepeketchum: so yes guys, prepare yourselves for the game beta release it is currently @ 80% progress.

that’s all 🙂

Q8: Would you like to add anything?

Alex: Oh wow, people already started minting cards on BSC store already 😮

That was F~A~S~T

KDOT (AMA Host): haa 🙂

Thank you for coming on today, appreciate it! Would you stick around incase we have a few community Qs?

Pepeketchum: Actually yes, so since we have told publically that the game is near its completion of beta release. I would like to add, that there will be new cards coming before that. So stay tuned!

Alex: If you want to enter the Pepemon world just get the cards, all card holders are going to get early access to the game Beta. And there’s going to be a snapshot being taken in April for those early supporters to get their Battle Edition NFTs

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