PeckShield Highlights 50 Tokens on BSC with Red Flags

A regularly updated list has been created to highlight projects with red flags and warn users.

PeckShieldAlert Warns BSC Users 

The Twitter alert page from the blockchain security auditor Peckshield dropped a list of fifty projects rated as ‘Medium’ alert for potential rug pulls on Binance Smart Chain. 

The PeckshieldAlert page dropped the list in a Google Spreadsheets on January 13 via Twitter. The announcement listed the contract address and token symbol for the projects. The alert list is entitled ‘Tokens at Risk’ and updates itself every five minutes

More or less, these are tokens that give their developers and administrators carte blanche to act as they please, in an entirely centralized manner, against the values of crypto. PeckShield Alert included the following information in its Tweet, warning users of the red flags carried by each token. 

Source: Partial List

“The community may want to be aware before interacting: 

– Admin can mint unlimited tokens 

– Admin can restrict token selling

– Admin can blacklist any account”

The majority of the projects are not listed on sites like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, but nonetheless, the list is full of names that could easily be recognized as legitimate projects. With names like RoboCoin, CryptoHero, CryptoGuards, GitHub, and more, it is easy to see the obfuscation at play–Not surprisingly there was a TRUMP token symbol. 

PeckShield is an industry-leading blockchain security company that is one of the few companies viewed as an industry standard for audits and security protection. Be sure to check this list before investing in a random meme-token. 

The full list of projects is here.

What is PeckShield?

PeckShield was founded in 2018 by former Qihoo 360 Chief Scientist Xuxian Jiang, and major investors include Gaorong Capital. Team members are based in Hangzhou, Beijing, and San Francisco, and consist of seasoned security professionals and senior researchers from world-leading security groups at companies such as Qihoo 360, Microsoft, Intel, Juniper, Alibaba, etc. PeckShield has established strategic and long-term cooperations with key players in all areas of the blockchain ecosystem, such as blockchain infrastructure vendors, exchanges, crypto wallets, mining pools, DApp developers, as well as DeFi pioneers. With dozens of years experience and noted achievements in the area of vulnerability analysis, operating systems, and malware defense, PeckShield offers independent service brands such as DAppTotal and CoinHolmes, and provides security total solutions to all blockchain users.

Where to find PeckShield:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | GitHub

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