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BSCDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome everyone to the AMA with Koala Defi.

@concorde_pear: It’s very nice to meet you all 

BSCDaily – Admin: Alright guys, you ready to start our AMA on PolyDaily?

@concorde_pear: I was born ready!

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team PearZap Finance please have a quick introduction to the community. What is PearZap Finance?

@concorde_pear: Sure thing!

 PearZap Finance is a new secure yield farming project on the Polygon Chain and BSC network. The idea of the Pearzap project was born out of the idea of bringing innovation to the current ecosystem.

PearZap is striving to stand out from existing Yield farms with:

– High APRs on pools and farms

– A high focus on smart contracts security

– Community input for important decisions that need to be made

– Innovative ideas: like “the garden” and a multichain NFT platform

BUIDL is our motto, because crypto moves fast and developments will keep the hype going, we have to remain creative throughout the adventure and keep BUILDING.

We launched on BSC only yesterday 

Q2: What are some utilities of this project? How do you manage to stand out in this competitive space of crypto?

@concorde_pear: We are deploying pools and farms on our website app. This is where you can stake your $PEAR or an LP to earn partner tokens. This is not making us different than other projects but the following 2 are.

– We released a new feature called: “the garden” which is a staking pool in which you are able to earn 2 tokens by just staking 1 token.

– We want to create a multi-chain NFT marketplace and release our own NFT series in the “near” future

– A lot of projects promise high APRs but eventually don’t manage to actually give them. Our focus is: assuring our investors with the promised high APRs.

Of course this all sounds really good but the most important is the $PEAR token utility. The more utility a token has, the more reason there is to hold it. $PEAR has the following utilities:

 Automatic high burn mechanism

 Token holders redistribution

 Anti whale system

 Anti-bot system

 Multichain token

 Access to unique PearZap features and contest

 Referral earnings for your friends’ earnings

 Automatic distribution to the lottery pot


 Ready for vault strategies

 DAO token

 Yieldfarming token

 Capped supply to maximum 60.000.000 tokens

 Controlled and programmed emission rate (token minting per block)

 Manual burn mechanism on special events and when needed

Q3: Congrats on being the top 10 DApps with Highest Weekly Users on Polygon. Can you walk us through that event and how did you achieve it?

@concorde_pear: Since our launch the team didn’t sleep We kept working double shifts.

The dev team did an amazing job with over-delivering roadmap specifics and even releasing new features that weren’t in our roadmap.

Most projects start marketing at launch and then slowly stop with doing marketing. PearZap did differently by keeping the marketing in full force. This is how we managed to get more and more users and how we created a big buzz.

Q4: Also, you’re fully compatible with BSC, next to Polygon now. Can you walk us through the incentives on expanding to other networks, what are the benefits of it?

@concorde_pear: The aspect that benefits PearZap interoperability the most is that we get more exposure by entering a new chain each and every time. The PearZap total supply will be capped to 60M overall chains, so when new people from different chains enter, the demand goes up but the supply stays the same, which will make $PEAR moon 

Another benefit is that each user can choose his favorite chain on the PearZap platform.

Q5: Please walk us through your tokenomics. Where can we buy your tokens?

@concorde_pear: Our full tokenomics can be found here

We have an emission rate of 4 $PEAR per block on both the Polygon and BSC networks.

$PEAR also has a 2% burn tax on every tx

Our token can be bought at wault finance and apeswap, on both the Polygon and BSC network

Source : bscdaily

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