PearDAO: Trade, Earn And Meet People In The New Decentralized Marketplace

PearDAO provides an open, free, decentralized marketplace that facilitates the exchange of goods and value using a decentralized payment system.

What is PearDAO?

PearDAO is based on the principles of a decentralized autonomous organization that uses the PEX token to set rules and make changes to the Pear decentralized marketplace by polling and voting mechanisms. It is also important to note that PearDAO was selected for BNB Chain MVBIV Incubation Program on 10 March.


As the Medium blog describes, a total of 5 ways are present through which PearDAO users can earn via a number ways through the platform: 

You can choose to become a liquidity provider by staking PEX-BNB LP Token to earn APR rewards.

Stake PEX token to earn the fees that are associated with the trading volume on the Pear Marketplace.

Stake 100 PEX-BNB LP Token to buy on the Pear Marketplace. Earning both APR rewards and the trade mining rewards.

Users can earn PEX rewards whenever they have completed a trade.

Buying and selling crypto assets at their preferred prices.

Introducing the Pear Farm and Trade Mining Reward Program

With the launch of PEX Token, Pear will officially kickstart the Pear Farm and Trade Mining Reward Program for all PEX holders. 

What is Pear Farm?

Pear Farm is a place that allows all users to stake their PEX or PEX-BNB LPT Tokens (How to buy LP Token on Pancake) to earn yield farming rewards. Pear farmers who get involved can reap sizable profits which can range up to as high as 1,000% APY or APR.

1.Trade Access Pool (PEX-BNB LPT)

The Trade Access Pool has a lock-up period of 7 days. All users need to stake x PEX-BNB LPT Token to be able to purchase crypto assets on the Pear Marketplace. No staking is required for users who are selling crypto assets. PEX rewards in APR is applied to the amount staked in this pool.


The PEX-BNB LPT Pool does not have any lock-up period. Users can stake any amount of PEX-BNB LPT Token in this pool that generates PEX rewards calculated in APR. You may unstake your LPT Tokens at anytime

3. PEX Pool (PEX Token)

The PEX Pool does not have any lock-up period. All fees collected on the Pear Marketplace will be distributed among PEX Pool stakers. The PEX rewards gain an interest rate that is calculated based on the APY rate. 

What is Trade Mining Reward?

The Trade Mining Reward incentives all users who have traded on the Pear Marketplace. Users will be rewarded with PEX tokens after every completed order. 20% of each trade mining reward will be distributed on a 24 hours basis. This means that all your reward tokens need 120 hours to claim. Trade Mining rewards will be issued in real-time and immediately claimable.

The Projected Launch Date for Trade Mining Reward is March 2022 and they are calculated based on the image below: 

Source: Medium

R(T) = Mining reward obtained periodically

R(t) = Allocated reward amount distributed periodically

FeeBuff = dynamic value that adjusts linearly when the trading volume on the platform changes.

DynamicBuff = dynamic value that is adjusted according to the trading conditions of the platform user

How is the Trade Mining Reward being calculated?

After every successful transaction, the PEX reward is based on the average overall trading volume of a single wallet address, and the reward will be issued in real-time. 

In summary, there are a total of four ways you can earn on the Pear Marketplace. You can choose to become a liquidity provider by staking PEX-BNB LPT Token to earn APR rewards. 

Stake PEX token to earn the fees generated on every transaction on the Pear Marketplace Stake x PEX-LPT Token to buy on the Pear Marketplace. Earning both APR rewards and the trade mining rewards. Choose not to stake any token, just sell your crypto assets on the Pear Marketplace to earn trade mining rewards.,


Source: Whitepaper


PearDAO is a new decentralized marketplace which provides numerous ways for investors to invest. The DAO aims to complement the CEX and DEX-driven cryptocurrency ecosystem by enabling the exchange of value between on-chain, off-chain and cross-chain ecosystems. The transactions are implemented via smart contracts and more. The launch details of the project can be found below:

Launch Date: 11 March

Venue: Pancakeswap

Token: Pear DAO (PEX)

Contract Address: 0x6a0b66710567b6beb81A71F7e9466450a91a384b

You can learn more about the project in the links below:





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