PearDAO Launches PEX Pool and Trade Mining Pool

The DAO-managed decentralized marketplace will be launching its first trade mining pool for all traders on April 1st and a $PEX Pool on April 4th.

Trade Mining Pool

PearDAO is launching its first trade mining pool and $PEX Pool within the next week. The trade mining pool incentivizes all users who have completed a P2P transaction on the Pear Marketplace. Users will be rewarded with PEX tokens after every completed order. 20% of the rewards will be distributed on a 24 hours basis. This means that all rewards can be claimed within 120 hours. 

How to Earn With Decentralized P2P Trading on Pear

Users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the platform by becoming Makers (advertisement publishers) or Takers (place orders through the advertisements). 

Users will immediately be rewarded with PEX Tokens when they have completed either a buy or sell order. The Pear Marketplace has a special mechanism that provides more incentives (More PEX Token rewards) for users who have completed a trade when the current trading volume is low on the platform. This is implemented to encourage more liquidity providers to join in the decentralized P2P trading process, providing users with more ways to immediately buy or sell cryptocurrencies through the fiat off and on-ramp service. 

More details on the calculation of trade rewards can be found here.

PEX Pool

In order to participate in the PEX Pool, users need to have $PEX Tokens in their wallet and stake their PEX Tokens in the pool.

You can purchase PEX Tokens on PancakeSwap or MEXC. If you are a $CAKE holder, you may stake $CAKE to earn PEX Tokens in the PancakeSwap Syrup Pool and stake them in the PEX Pool.

Pool Details

Trade Mining Pool 

Start time: April 1st at 11 AM UTC. Trade USDT/BUSD/USDC on Pear Marketplace to earn PEX tokens. 

PEX Pool 

Start time: April 4th. Stake $PEX on Pear Farm to earn PEX tokens. 

How to buy and sell on Pear: Tutorial

More Details: Join the PearDAO Community

About PearDAO

PearDAO is a DAO-managed decentralized marketplace that aims to allow the trade of all things in a free, open and independent trading ecosystem. PearDAO is built for the community and Web3 – dedicated to the exchange of values between off-chain, on-chain, and cross-chain environments, all at once.

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