PearDAO Begins Tokyo v1 with Mining and Farming Rewards

After the successful launch, the protocol promises numerous features, including trade mining rewards and farming.

Tokyo Version 1.0 Goes Live

PearDAO Tokyo Version 1.0 is now available for users. The decentralized marketplace which facilitates the trade of assets launched the latest version with impending trade mining rewards, farming, and more features. 

The community-driven Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) announced the Tokyo V1.0 Decentralized Application (dApp) on March 11 via Medium. Following the launch, users would receive PEX rewards upon every trade. $PEX is the native token of the PearDAO ecosystem. 

“The Trade Mining Reward incentives all users who have traded on the Pear Marketplace. Users will be rewarded with PEX tokens after every completed order. 20% of each trade mining reward will be distributed on a 24 hours basis. This means that all your reward tokens need 120 hours to claim. Trade Mining rewards are issued in real-time and immediately claimable,” the blog reads. 


Besides trade mining rewards, Tokyo V1.0 will also be equipped with different features to engage users. However, they would be integrated by the protocol shortly. According to the post, Yield FarmsLiquidity PoolsNon-fungible Token (NFT) staking, Live Price Feeds, and more will be added to the dApp this month. 

PearDAO wants to build a marketplace where users can earn from different activities in the long run. Once the protocol completes the project by updating all the features, users would enjoy a sophisticated ecosystem of rewards on BNB Chain. Read the entire story on their Medium post

PearDAO also recently joined the Most Valuable Builder IV Incubation program where the project will receive comprehensive support to help accelerate its growth. BNB Chain has singled out PearDAO as a project to watch in 2022.

What is PearDAO? 

PearDAO is a decentralized online marketplace. The protocol aims to provide an open, free, decentralized marketplace (PEAR Network) that facilitates the exchange of goods and value using cryptocurrencies, powered by the decentralized Moderator (PEAR DAO).  

PearDAO wants to replicate the services of popular centralized ecommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon to complement both Centralized and Decentralized ecosystems. The protocol essentially enables value exchange between on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain ecosystems using crypto assets. 

For more information about PearDAO, visit the following links: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram Medium 

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