PancakeSwap Unveils its Official Long-Awaited Roadmap

The most popular decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain lines up its Q1 checkboxes.

Pancake Roadmap Ahead

The PancakeSwap ($CAKE) team has comitted to a list of ‘goodies’ in Q1 as it finally unveiled the long-awaited roadmap for 2022. PancakeSwap is taking steps to assure its community that the team is serious with its promises and puts a timeline to it. 

PancakeSwap has previously maintained a ‘to-do’ list without specific timelines. The justification for this was to allow some discretion in realigning its priorities according to market changes and developer resources. 

Source: 2022 will be more challenging and a roadmap with specific targets will instill confidence 

The new roadmap is divided into three broad categories: a completed list, an ongoing/recurring task, and finally the much-awaited new inclusions planned for Q1 2022. The roadmap also explains why the team is choosing not to disclose a ‘Coming Up’ list due to security and confidential reasons. 

A roadmap is often an important component in major projects as it sets the pace for the team with specific milestones. It also sets the expectation right for its community. 

Source: PancakeSwap has switched from its stance by taking a bold step forward with its latest announcement

What to Expect 

The team in its roadmap details in broad terms some exciting details. This includes launching Initial Farm Offering 3.1 (IFO) which will include private sales and new syrup pools. Staking $CAKE in syrup pools allows the staker to earn free tokens. It also lines up MasterChef V2 with future products and new tokenomics. 

Other goodies that are slotted in Q1 include perpetual trading, fixed-term staking, limit order, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) utility, NFT gamification, hackathon, lottery v3, and affiliate programs.    

Source: PancakeSwap remains the preferred DEX on BSC with a healthy total value locked (TVL) 

The Q1 roadmap is definitely going to generate some interest for the popular Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The price of $CAKE has taken a beating from its all-time high price of $43.96 in April last year. This could be a result of other emerging DEXs and the lack of innovative products. 

Outlook for BSC in 2022

The 2022 outlook for BSC remains optimistic. Developers are incentivized to build on BSC with attractive perks and rewards. The BSC team aims to accomplish this through a sizeable allocation of $1 billion aimed to grow and attract deserving projects to BSC. BSC’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) IV also incentivizes project building on BSC with the much-needed financial resources.  

Other projects such as Cardano ($ADA), Solana ($SOL), and Polkadot ($DOT) are starting to step up as the Web3 narrative is gaining momentum. The team in PancakeSwap made a timely move to assure its community that they are serious and they are prepared to commit to a fixed timeline.   

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