PancakeSwap Recommends SafePal As Best ERC20 <> BEP 20 Bridge: How To Use A Cross-Chain Bridge

The BSC DEX giant, Pancakeswap, was very impressed by how sleek bridging assets through SafePal is.


In what is undoubtedly a stellar endorsement, Pancakeswap has thrown its weight behind the SafePal wallet as the best bridge utility for ERC-20 <>BEP-20 swaps. Pancakeswap made the recommendation in a recent post on its Twitter handle

The post had a caveat: “not an ad, just a personal opinion”, making it evident that Pancakeswap must have been deeply impressed to have given SafePal such a very high rating.

Pancakeswap was impressed by the speed and low fees they experienced when trialling the app. The fact that the app did not require any KYC was another point that Pancakeswap found cool. 

Well, BSCNews didn’t want to take Pancakeswap’s word for it. We decided to try out SafePal’s bridge feature and see for ourselves. In this article, we will walk you through a guide on how to swap an ERC-20 token to a BEP-20 token and vice versa using the bridge.

How To Use SafePal’s Cross-Chain Bridge

1. Download the SafePal wallet. Get the appropriate app for your phone’s operating system from this official link.

2. Open the app and configure it with a password and login pattern/fingerprint.

3. Create/Import a software wallet, or pair the app with a hardware wallet. To do these, follow the instructions displayed on the screen. If you opt for a software wallet, remember to backup your mnemonic phrase in a place secure and private to you.

4. At the base of the screen, click on the bidirectional arrow to bring up the swap interface. The ERC-20<>BEP-20 bridge is embedded. To use the bridge, select a token in one format and the same/another token in a different format. In this example, we will swap from BEP-20 BUSD to ERC-20 BUSD.

5. Select the two tokens in the networks you want to bridge them to and from. Here we have selected BEP-20 BUSD on the ‘from’ side and ERC-20 BUSD on the ‘to’ side.

Enter the amounts to swap. Click ‘Next’.

6. Review the details on the Confirmation screen. Click on ‘Swap’ if everything is in order. To approve the order, enter your security password and click ‘confirm’ to execute the transaction. 

7. On the ‘Order Status’ screen, you would see the estimated time for the completion of the transaction. This time depends on the state of the blockchain network at that moment. As soon as the transaction is completed, the ‘Success’ tab will change color.

9. Check the Asset Tab of your wallet and see the new bridged token.

Last Words

That is how straightforward it is to use SafePal’s ERC-20<>BEP-20 bridge on the SafePal app. Indeed, using the bridge is very seamless. There is a minimum amount for each pair of tokens to be bridged, though. For our example, 200 BEP-20 BUSD was the minimum. Note that you would need to have some BNB or ETH to pay the minimal gas fees (in our example, $0.2636) when bridging from either of the networks.

About SafePal

SafePal is a portable but versatile crypto wallet. It has lots of integrated features that make it a user-friendly complete crypto management wallet. Backed by Crypto giant, Binance, SafePal has seen its world-wide userbase exceeding 2 million users.

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