PancakeSwap Launches New Info Page, Plus an Exciting Week Ahead!

PancakeSwap has become the leading DeFi platform on BSC and in recent months has been developing and designing strategies to grow its ecosystem and market share. The team has performed an important role in helping the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem grow and statistics say the PancakeSwap platform will continue to be a serious competitor in DeFi.

A few weeks ago we saw how PancakeSwap brought the tool back online, fully synchronized and looking better than ever, a product that provides detailed and accurate data with a new analysis panel. In partnership with StreamingFast the protocol has integrated a streaming service to develop a new panel that is almost 60 times faster than before, thus ensuring a reliable live data stream, faster development, iteration and production times and it’s also very attractive for investors.

The improvements to the UI/UX are quite pronounced, extremely useful, and it’s pretty cool to have an instantly updating dashboard. However, the team has not stopped here; they have been working on other improvements for the project and they plan to release some new updates this week that include:

Voting returns

$CAKE emission reduction

Lottery final testing & possible release (+ 1 more audit)

NFT drop Forum (pending test)

Prediction next version build + test

Farm auction work begins

It will be an exciting week for the PancakeSwap team, it’s users, and for CAKE investors. If the team continues to innovate at this pace, the ecosystem will continue to grow and scale exceptionally well. This gives confidence to new investors who may not be content with the market these days.

If you would like to check out the new Info page, you can do so by going to

Source : bsctimes

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