PancakeSwap Launches $150,000 Bounty for Their Info Page

The next step for PancakeSwap is to create a solution offering, product, or tool that can provide detailed and accurate data to create an analytics dashboard. The protocol has launched a $150,000 bounty to incentivize the development of their Info page.

Requirements for Participation

There are necessary conditions for interested participants. There is a google form that they need to fill and submit online. Anyone that requires further clarification can chat with the PancakeSwap team through the telegram support channel.


Deadline, Rewards, and Conditions for Submission

The firm wants all requests to be submitted by the middle of May. Apart from delivering before the deadline, any team or individual that has implemented their request successfully is eligible for a $150K $CAKE reward. 

The team is on the hunt for a solution that is efficient and scalable for the long term. Only once the solution is implemented successfully will the $150K reward be given to the team or individual that created the solution. These rules ensure that PancakeSwap will only pay a user for a completed, working, and innovative product. If there is any dispute(s) regarding the bounty, PancakeSwap has the final say.

Essentials That a Solution Must Fulfill

There are four basics that a solution must fulfill before it can be considered for the bounty:

Provide one endpoint (preferably, GraphQL) based on the required data

Import data from specific time stamps or block

Provide value fields (like liquidity, volume, and price) for BNB and the equivalence in USD. Support for various fiat currencies, especially the Euro and Pound

Capacity to handle a minimum of 50 million requests daily

Basic Data Requirements

As previously mentioned, there are basic data requirements that are specific for each category:

  • Network

Data required for this category include total tokens, transactions, pairs, volume, and liquidity

  • Tokens

Data required for this category are name, decimals, transaction count, volume, price, total supply, decimals, symbol, pair database, and liquidity over several pairs with the token as quote or base.

  • Pair

Some data required for this category are address, timestamp, block number, transaction count, reserves (quote and base), block number, transaction count, the token price for liquidity providers, total supply, base and quote token, a database for swap, mint and burn outcomes

  • Transactions

Data required for this category are hash, timestamp, block, and database of swap, mint, and burn outcomes.

Optimum Advantage

Some solutions can have an advantage over the others provided they can innovate on any of the concepts below. However, the inclusion of these features shouldn’t mean a decrease in performance quality.

Fees paid (for all swaps)

Fees earned 

Status of each user’s liquidity provider

Stakes in farms

With the launch of what can be regarded as PancakeTools, the PancakeSwap platform will certainly enhance its reputation as a model for other DEXs on the BSC network.

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