PancakeSwap is First Project to Launch on Binance Mini-Program

It has been announced that PancakeSwap has officially partnered with Binance in becoming the first DeFi project to be launched through the Binance Mini-Program. This partnership was confirmed on March 17 by PancakeSwap via Medium. As a result, users will now be able to utilize PancakeSwap seamlessly through the Binance app.

The team stated on Medium, “Dear CAKE holders, after working closely with the Binance team for the past several months, we’re extremely excited to reveal the beta launch of the PancakeSwap Mini Program in the Binance mobile application! Starting from today, access to PancakeSwap will gradually open to Binance mobile application users.”

Although PancakeSwap still has features to add to the Mini Program, these beginning steps set PancakeSwap up for success by increasing its user base, liquidity, trading volume, and increased impact on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

According to CoinMarketCap, this event has caused an immediate market reaction by launching $CAKE from $5.62 to $7.19 within a little over an hour. Overall, the price of $CAKE has increased by almost 20%. There is hope from PancakeSwap users that this development will propel the token forward after a recent period of consolidation.

Mini Programs

As the PancakeSwap Mini Program launches, users on Binance mobile app will now be able to directly and quickly access PancakeSwap. This development occurs with the hope that an influx of users will be making their way to the PancakeSwap decentralized platform. Users creating a wallet within the Binance DeFi Wallet will now be able to easily transfer funds to and from PancakeSwap, all within the convenience of the Binance Mobile App.

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